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    sabirovrinat85 got a reaction from gprovost in Helios64 Annoucement   
    WOW it's really wonderful SBC!!!
    As ZFS user, I suppose that the best testing configuration would be 5x4Tb hard disks in raidz2 pool, without de-duplication but with compression turned on, no GUI to save memory, 4Tb disks are more efficient in terms of dollar/megabyte than 2Tb models and if there would be slight performance issues one could choose to prefer 5x2Tb config or to deal with some slowiness
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    sabirovrinat85 reacted to TRS-80 in Helios64 Annoucement   
    So far, this is the closest thing to what I have been looking for. If it only supported ECC (or that was perhaps made available as an option) it would be really interesting for ZFS. Pity.
    If anyone has found a small SBC (not gigantic 1+U data center thing) that is ARM based with ECC memory, please let me know.
    EDIT: Apologies, I just now saw this:
    When and if that actually comes to market, and is well supported in Armbian, you will have a customer!
    Please do not include anything stupid like non-free, proprietary firmware that would preclude the use of such nice hardware in freedom.
    If you can manage all of the above, you will not only have a customer, but a very vocal proponent!
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    sabirovrinat85 reacted to ning in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    if you use ubuntu, don't build mesa your self, you can use
    if you insist to build your self, please also update libdrm and libglvnd. these two deps are also important.
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    sabirovrinat85 reacted to jernej in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    No, they are disabled because nobody took time to properly enable them in board DTS until now (it will be in 5.7).
    No, sun4i-drm is for all Allwinner SoCs, it supports Display Engine 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. It's just named by Linux tradition where it takes name of first (oldest) supported platform.
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    sabirovrinat85 reacted to JORGETECH in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    Ok, now I understand better how hardware is defined in DTS files. I realized the Orange Pi Lite 2 DTS is really barebones compared to the Orange Pi 3. I can wait for kernel 5.7 to test more.
    The question I have is: How does it work in LibreELEC if the same DTS is used? (Is it only needed for X11 acceleration?)
    EDIT: I answered my own question. The LibreELEC pull request for Orange Pi Lite 2 (which I merged on my local repository) adds the GPU and Display Engine entries in the DTS. So Armbian would need to merge that in the first place, @Igor can you take a look at the commits from this pull request (if you have the time of course)?, it has both the GPU and DE added to the DTS unlike Armbian's one. I would do it myself but I fear I would break the working patch since I have to learn more about git and diff. EDIT: I enabled the gpu myself but I found the system to be unstable after doing that, I will try to debug it with UART (SSH crashes too) and report back.
    Thanks, I completely forgot about that Linux naming convention inside the kernel.
    As always, thanks for the useful advice and answers.
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    sabirovrinat85 reacted to NicoD in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW (aarch64 ARMv8)   
    Here the script for it. Should work on a clean Bionic build with panfrost module.
    I've included meson since there were issues with newer versions, but we needed a newer one than default in the repo. 

    I haven't tried it myself. I just build everything and wrote the script in between. So please let me know if anyone finds a problem somewhere.
    Unpack on clean Bionic 5.x 
    cd Panfrost sudo ./  
    Edit : Script has been tested. There was a mistake that I repaired and reuploaded the file. This should work now.