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  1. Hi, I have 5 cubieboards 1. I want to give to my employees, so i decided to install desktop ambian installed on nand (neither sata nor sd card). Q) Why not installed on sata and sd card? Ans) firstly the work is into excel only (data entry work). Secondly i dont want to give more space because they start downloading songs, game, videos, torrent and movies.So get slow speed of internet . Thirdly save money to buy sd cards and sata hdd. My questions are:- 1) Where i get the old desktop image file to install it into nand? 2) I have this file armbian_5.25_cubieboard_ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113_desktop.7z. I find out in my old backup hdd. i was download this file through armbian website in 2017.The problem is this is .7z file. when i start extracting. It ask me the password. I dont know the password. If you know the password please tell me. 3) Yeasterday i start building armbian but i cannt get nand installation file.If you tell me the option selection i build it myself. I have 5 cubieboard 1 (client) and 1 server.My client pcs is in us and sever in India. I want to upload abc folder from each client pc to server pc1, pc2,pc3,pc4,pc5 folder individually at 7pm everyday after that client pc should shutdown.While uploading to server older folder and files in server pc1, pc2,pc3,pc4,pc5 will be replace from abc client folders everyday when start uploading. How is it possible?
  2. Thanks for reply. I am newbie so for knowledge why dont change frequency? As i put large heat sink and power supply? This is root@projectok:~# cpufreq-info cpufrequtils 008: cpufreq-info (C) Dominik Brodowski 2004-2009 Report errors and bugs to, please. analyzing CPU 0: driver: cpufreq-dt CPUs which run at the same hardware frequency: 0 CPUs which need to have their frequency coordinated by software: 0 maximum transition latency: 244 us. hardware limits: 624 MHz - 1.01 GHz available frequency steps: 624 MHz, 864 MHz, 912 MHz, 1.01 GHz available cpufreq governors: conservative, userspace, powersave, ondemand, performance, schedutil current policy: frequency should be within 624 MHz and 1.01 GHz. The governor "performance" may decide which speed to use within this range. current CPU frequency is 1.01 GHz (asserted by call to hardware). cpufreq stats: 624 MHz:0.21%, 864 MHz:0.07%, 912 MHz:0.05%, 1.01 GHz:99.67% (67) root@projectok:~# nano /etc/default/cpufrequtils
  3. My last question. How to increase cpu frequency?.I already put large heat sink and 5 volt 5 amps power supply. i am using cubieboard 1.
  4. Thanks for reply but these are armbian question. let me tell you my /var/log goes full when i find out i get this location /var/log/journal/5dc2e9f851914ebd9bf0e4b296b9f7f5 . As much as i know journal is related to OS. When i put both domain name in resolv.conf then restart it it revert back to I am newbie to linux download-2020.2.18_20.11.35-root-(
  5. I have one more question. i have two domains and i can access both domain from internet. I also want to use both domains in intranet. Please tell me how to do this?
  6. Please check this NOK: (28, 'No space left on device') error: error running non-shared postrotate script for /var/log.hdd/fail2ban.log of '/var/log.hdd/fail2ban.log ' SARG: Unknown option resolve_ip This may be clue
  7. root@projectok:~# ps -ef | grep -i sarg root 2849 2835 0 22:48 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto -i sarg
  8. NOK: (28, 'No space left on device') error: error running non-shared postrotate script for /var/log.hdd/fail2ban.log of '/var/log.hdd/fail2ban.log ' SARG: Unknown option resolve_ip
  9. SARG: Unknown option resolve_ip
  10. I got this file in this location /var/log/journal//5dc2e9f851914ebd9bf0e4b296b9f7f5
  11. how to find the issue?
  12. Thanks for reply. I am newbie.Please tell me how to solve.
  13. /var/log goes full every 15 min when i remove.Please see attachment download-2020.2.18_20.11.35-root-(
  14. Hello This is my external domian Its working from outside the network.I want it works in internal network.Please see hosts file. hosts