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  1. Users will never behave better. Until you will realize that you will live with same problem. And what about ignoring requests from users which are not possible to solve? No need to be always rude with response. No response in such case is better.
  2. Sorry but what you are writing has no sense. And you don't know where to place this project. It is not commercial and it is not for basic users. Maybe it is only for advanced users Seems you need some sort of ignore button on yourself. Anyway, less hostility would be welcome here.
  3. I can't figure out if Armbian is hobby project or commercial? I mean if you spend so much time on it that your life depends on it then it can't be just hobby. But then you need solid financial income every month. But seems this is not happening and that's why we can read so many times how every feature costs money. Which is stupid actions. Do things what you can and leave other issues unresolved. It's that easy. If some customer pay for some feature this is different story.
  4. That's ridiculous! One wifi problem for 20.000 € For such amount I would just use different board. And you spend such amount for some user request? Sure, sure ... And as I wrote already before: stop supporting users and start support only real customers which pay for the work. But maybe there are not much of them so the calculation would fail? I think I should start calculating how much time (and consecutive money) I'm spending for free work.
  5. I did few things. And still do them from time to time. But this talk is about your work Is this u-boot.ext even your work? Doesn't come from LibreELEC originally ? Or maybe I'm wrong (which I have no problem to apologize for it). Also isn't u-boot open source software? So binary should have the sources available somewhere? Online or per request?
  6. Where are the sources of this famous u-boot.ext ?
  7. In this thread @balbes150is making some accusations and I would like to see some more evidence. He is a moderator and I assume he understands that writing such things require some sort of proof. Or maybe he can write anything he want and mudslinging is ok at this forum?
  8. Igor, I don't have any commercial project. I only express my own concerns. Also I do spend lot of free time on other projects where I don't get paid either. But this is my choice. You decided to make Armbian and you decided to put it as open source. So expect everything you mentioned. You don' like how things are going? Then shut down the project or make it private for anyone who pays for it, close the forum, ... There are other possibilities beside crying on a forum
  9. But this is personal choice. If someone doesn't want to give time for free then it should not do this kind of things. Doing it for free and constantly saying "I'm doing this for free" is ridiculous.
  10. How many boxes would they sell with Armbian (or ArmbianTV)? Only few. probably. Which means they don't care for such calculation.
  11. I don't think Armbian project likes TV boxes. Is there any officially supported? I don't see any.