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    cuker reacted to darkstar in Armbian on Gt-King Pro   
    Dear balbes150
    We all appreciate your effort about armbian and Librelec,
    But all linux projects are GPL licenced, GPL means everybody on earth can use or modify this software.
    Please stop naming this as theft, if you tried my Debian build linked by AC2N you probable saw that:
    I build this kernel from direct kernel source, not from your git branch.
    I build this image using fenix scrip like you, but none of fenix script developers called us thieves.
    I hope you can understand what I mean,
    Last word : I added a note on my topic on be-links forum "u-boot.ext was compiled by balbes150 from armbian" is it enough for you?
    I build this image because none of your builds or another build was running smoothly on Gt King Pro...
    Thank you again for build the u-boot.ext file.
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    cuker reacted to adzio in Firfly-rk3399 have not been booting up reasent images from Armbian   
    @balbes150 It works both ways. I can choose not to waste my time and not to get involved with folks whose first reaction is to generalize and spew negativity rather than to internalize feedback and to make it actionable.
    I had tried debugging your CSC software to get it to even finish booting and you decided to disparage me that I’m reinventing the wheel.
    I've seen, read and followed your recommendations and they didn’t work, simple as that. I'm not a noob with Linux, but well above enthusiast level.
    Your custom Armbian_21.05.0-trunk_Station-p1_focal_current_5.10.25.img.xz image boots to prompt on my setup. So we’re getting somewhere. My board has two PCIe modules attached, without which it’s quite useless to me. So that's probably the difference (the issue) booting bare board vs. with PCIE attached but the board should still finish booting with any 5.10 image. This configuration boots fine with other flavors (debian, ubuntu) with both modules attached, so it should work here too.
    The issue in these Release images may be PCIe related. The station version boots with the PCIe -110 error in dmsg and lspci output is empty. Perhaps the other versions don’t finish boot because they are running into some sort of PCIe init issue. BTW the station image is different than what is shipped in other Armbian 5.10 images because the -110 error is absent there and lspci has correct output (basically, my PCIE stuff works on Armbian 5.10 + Rock Pi 4C).
    So, a bug found in the field. No problem, but also no need to throw feces at people for reporting and no need to disparage them when they’re trying to debug from their side which in the end may only help you, like in this case.
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    cuker reacted to balbes150 in [SOLVED] Fix Eth or Wifi on T95z Plus   
    Links to theft and hacking are removed.
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    cuker got a reaction from Bozza in Information for users of TV boxes on the Amlogic platform   
    But this is personal choice. If someone doesn't want to give time for free then it should not do this kind of things. Doing it for free and constantly saying "I'm doing this for free" is ridiculous.
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    cuker reacted to tediwildan in Information for users of TV boxes on the Amlogic platform   
    I dont understand about what are you talking about at all

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