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  1. Thanks @lanefu. Another idea would be a "test week" (or whatever period makes sense) - a time when the users can download pre-release/test images of the upcoming version/release and the maintainers give timely feedback about issues found in the test kernels and user space binaries. I know that Fedora follows a similar approach (I get the notifications from the Fedora Magazine) - the main objective is to catch breaking bugs. Now, if the community doesn't participate - then all complaints can be considered rants. We have to participate to make sure our systems are running as smoothly as possible. Software development, QA, Trouble shooting are task that take time/effort, as @Igor has always pointed out, we need to get involved somehow in order to contribute back. In the end Armbian is a community project - if you can't/want to donate funds, donate time and effort instead.
  2. @Igor, is there a way to have access and test pre-release images from the official Armbian build system (nightly images should be fine)? That way we can participate on the QA process and help raise flags when pre-released changes break the stable builds. I understand that you do not have an Helios64 to test, and so as part of the community we should be able to help in that regard.
  3. @halfa I get this as output: Package: armbian-bsp-cli-helios64 Version: 21.05.8 Priority: optional Section: kernel Maintainer: Igor Pecovnik <igor.pecovnik@****l.com> Installed-Size: 1,024 B Provides: linux-focal-root-legacy-helios64, linux-focal-root-current-helios64, linux-focal-root-edge-helios64 Depends: bash, linux-base, u-boot-tools, initramfs-tools, lsb-release, fping Recommends: bsdutils, parted, util-linux, toilet Suggests: armbian-config Breaks: linux-focal-root-legacy-helios64 (<< 21.05.8~), linux-focal-root-current-helios64 (<< 21.05.8~), linux-focal-root-edge-helios64 (<< 21.05.8~) Replaces: zram-config, base-files, armbian-tools-focal, linux-focal-root-legacy-helios64 (<< 21.05.8~), linux-focal-root-current-helios64 (<< 21.05.8~), linux-focal-root-edge-helios64 (<< 21.05.8~) Download-Size: 417 kB APT-Manual-Installed: yes APT-Sources: http://apt.armbian.com focal/focal-utils arm64 Packages Description: Tweaks for Armbian focal on helios64 I see a few packages listed under 'Breaks'
  4. @ebin-dev @m11k - how often do you update the packages on your NAS? Or do you do installation once and then cherry pick which updates you want?
  5. @Heisath @Igor I don't have environment to build the image at the moment, but if there is a repository where the beta images are available I can test them out.
  6. @Heisath Right now the file present on the installation is: '90-helios64-hwmon-legacy.rules' I'll update the title of this post to mark a temporary fix, I agree with both of you that the fans should be tied to the CPU temperatures and not the board. But since the release broke monitoring having the fan control tied to something is better than nothing - otherwise the fan don't even spin up.
  7. A few Armbian packages were updated (armbian-bsp-cli-helios64, armbian-config, armbian-firmware &armbian-zsh) to version 21.05.08. At some point I noticed that the fancontrol service had failed to start up after the reboot - it was complaining about a file missing(/dev/thermal-cpu). If you run into this after the update, just update your /etc/fancontrol to the content below and your fancontrol should go back to normal. # Helios64 PWM Fan Control Configuration # Temp source : /dev/thermal-cpu # After 21.05.08 [2021.08.10] # Temp source : /dev/thermal-board INTERVAL=10 # FCTEMPS=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input # After 21.05.08 [2021.08.10] FCTEMPS=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=/dev/thermal-board/temp1_input /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=/dev/thermal-board/temp1_input MINTEMP=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=40 /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=40 MAXTEMP=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=110 /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=110 MINSTART=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=60 /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=60 MINSTOP=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=40 /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=40 MINPWM=20
  8. @jsfrederick You can just write the image to the SD card and boot. For SSH, as long as you know what IP address the Helios64 gets than you can just use that to connect. The serial terminal is just to check if things booted correctly or in case of an error that needs to be diagnosed. You should be fine with your usual process.
  9. I checked for any available updates yesterday, and this (linux-u-boot-helios64-current 21.08.1) was applied. Can't find what was new or if it was only a version bump. By the way, nothing broke after the update.
  10. I'm curious about this issue. Let us know if changing the CPU Voltage has an effect on system stability.
  11. Hello @Igor, @Werner, I'm open to collaborating to the armbian project, my background is on software development and system administration and I have a small Helios64 to test things with.
  12. Enjoy your time off - looking forward to new products from you guys.
  13. My comment might be late to the party - if there was a possibility to add an optional display and a few user-configurable buttons to the Front Panel, that would be great. I know it would mess a bit with the airflow, but it could be used for system monitoring and few other specific use cases.
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