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    privilegejunkie reacted to SIGSEGV in Kobol Team is taking a short Break !   
    Enjoy your time off - looking forward to new products from you guys.
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    privilegejunkie reacted to realmiwi in Hardware Encoding/Decoding for RK3399 on Helios64   
    I am also very interested in a solution. I use emby and would like to use the hardware encoding/decoding.
    I'll do some research myself as soon as I have a little more time. 
    If I find a good solution I'll post it here. At the moment I'm using the current 5.9 kernel and a downgrade is out of the question (at least for now).
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    privilegejunkie reacted to louismax in Jellyfin performances   
    Hello everyone,
    I've been running my Helios64 for about 2 months now. My system is installed on the eMMC and i'm running a few docker containers (all from
    Radarr Sonarr Bazarr Transmission Jackett Jellyfin  
    I'm having difficulties with Jellyfin and my media library. When lauching tv shows or movies, the CPU rockets to ~97-99% use and the media is constantly stopping to load.
    I would like to know what I can do to ease the strain on the CPU and be finally able to use Jellyfin.
    Has anyone been able to use hardware acceleration with docker ?
    What info can I give you to shade light on the matter ?
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    privilegejunkie reacted to Igor in Armbian 20.11 on Helios64.... Feedback?   
    Another small upgrade to 20.11.1
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    privilegejunkie reacted to gprovost in wakeonlan support   
    For now WoL feature is not yet supported on Helios64. It's our on TODO list. Once ready we will announce it and add a page on our wiki to explain how to use..
    We cannot provide ETA because it's link to an issue (failure to resume from suspend mode) that we haven't resolved yet.