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  1. So sorry for the noob question, but I don't want to create topics for just one question so asking it here....What would be the best way to connect two disks (either hdd or ssd) to the HC1? And could I use the gui in the "Armbian based OMV image" to setup both disks in either a RAID array or some rsync or some other solution for backuping data? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  2. So how much hours of battery life do you guys get?
  3. So should we anticipate full GPIO support in the future then?
  4. But isn't the Pi Zero's wifi module even crappier because of the limited bandwidth, while these modules should have more bandwidth?
  5. So you guys are anticipating good results out of this WIFI+BLE module? Better than OPI Lite?
  6. So what is the problem with using Kodi on Armbian? Does everything work if I install it via ppa? Has anyone tried the 17 version? Why is jernej's old Openelec version preffered?
  7. So would this bad wifi of the orange pi zero allow to serve a webpage that this firmware serves on my local network (+ some mqtt messages and polling a weather api), assuming the location of the opi0 is in some basement, but hopefully with not too bad wifi, since I have a wifi extender.
  8. Yeah pya20 seems way more straightforward, even I can see that, and it nice that someone has already done the pin-mapping for it. Still interested tho' in the "principle" of WiringOP, just in theory.
  9. Gailu can you please describe the exact steps on which commands you need to type that you got this working? Do you use RC-522 in python?
  10. So what is the principle of changing stuff? Can you give an example? I know that then I test it on the physical pin, but what do I need to change in the code?
  11. Well I still don't have the hardware, so I can't help you with physical experiments, in addition I even can't find the pin mapping code , its probably in WiringPi.c but I dunno where i should look there.
  12. So after you will have time, I'd appreciate it, since I can't even find in which file in WiringOP I need to change stuff, its not so evident like in py20a.
  13. Can you share the new file please? Even if everything is not correct it would be a good start. Do you have it on github already?
  14. But it is possible to correct them by hand? There is no "driver" limitation or something that would prevent from doing so?
  15. Martinayotte what about the WiringOP library does it have the same principle? As this one, that just the mapping needs to be changed and I2C enabled for example? Thanks!
  16. So which PB's and which number inside here i should use < > [twi0_para] twi0_used = 1 twi0_scl = port:PB00<2><default><default><default> twi0_sda = port:PB01<2><default><default><default>
  17. Its good that digital pins will work as is out of the box! Is there somewhere a tutorial on how to enable i2c in fex . Sorry for my noobness...
  18. So its just about the pin mapping, and not about configuring fex's or dts's? If I redo the pin mapping that library will work? What about I2C and SPI, what is the procedure there?
  19. In the thread that you linked to the guy wanted to do Raid 1 on the flash storage (eMMC and SD card), while I would do it on a HDD, so I don't know how relevant that thread is to this situation? Btw would it make any sense to use this Opi NAS hat with Odroid XU4?
  20. Michal so some pins work (for which the mapping is correct)? Like pins 3, 5, 7 ,11, 13 and 15? So with this lib I can do digital high and low? I2c is not connected to this library right, it works standalone? Martinayotte which library would be good to test i2c (do you know if it works on opizero)? Thanks guys for help!
  21. I don't understand why you are against RAID (haven't googled yet your opinon), but RAID 1 disk mirroring should save me if 1 disk dies...I don't get it..still better to have photos on laptop, and on raid 1 two disks on OPI Nas. And why would snapshots be better?
  22. So what would be then the preffered way of keeping data safe on a "Opi NAS" with 2 disk for example. Just copying manually critical data on both disks and then if one disk dies I still have the other one?
  23. So for my use cases, streaming 1080p video and stuff like that, would it work smooth without stuttering? Maybe even to multiple TVs at the same time? Even a Orange Pi zero or Orange Pi PC would be good enough? Would i be able to set up RAID? So that data would stay safe if one disk died?
  24. I did research and IMO XU4 is the best regarding price performance with OpenMediaVault (because its ARM and uses less power then x86, thats why is better, and tutorials are available, they state read and write speeds of 80mb's). Marvell boards are more expensive (110usd). I don't understand how you circumvent the lack of that case read and write speeds will never be as good as XU4. Use case is home NAS for media + databases from homeautomation + security camera stuff.