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  1. There was case that was due to power source issue. Check that you are supplying 5V 3A to opi 4
  2. I'm not too sure whether is v1.3, maybe covered up by the heat sink I put on. Based on the serial label on board, should by produced in 20191122 Attached is the com screenshot after boot. Noticed that kernel takes quite some seconds to load.
  3. Buster kernel 5.4 works on my opi4 (non npu). Just that no hdmi output on my ultra wide screen monitor. Need to test out on a 16:9 monitor. TTL com and lan login works ok.
  4. After some tests, I think orangepi image not supporting wide screen monitor. hdmi - wide screen monitor : no display hdmi - 16-9 monitor : ok hdmi - dvi- 16-9 monitor : ok hdmi - vga - 16-9 monitor : no display
  5. Are you able to get display from the hdmi output? I got mine too. Run debian & ubuntu using orangepi image. Got no display from hdmi although the os boot up and running
  6. I have installed Armbian Stretch mainline kernel 4.14.y on Orange Pi +2E. After shutdown the board, it seems that the network led is still on (yellow) and the green led keeps blinking. Is this normal? Can this be turned off?
  7. noticed that the lan port led keeps blinking even there is no activity. After shutdown the system, the led behave the same. Is it suppose to behave in this manner?
  8. Can you share the add on for oled display as mentioned earlier? Bought a few 1.3" oled for esp8266 project. (Unfortunately can get SSD1306 type, only SH1106) Would like to see what can be expected for info display.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Pre-order now hit 321 units . Can't wait till the shipping date
  10. Yes, google+ may not be as popular as facebook but a lot of sbc fans are active there. Btw, will there still a oled display for helios4?
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