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  1. I have installed Armbian Stretch mainline kernel 4.14.y on Orange Pi +2E. After shutdown the board, it seems that the network led is still on (yellow) and the green led keeps blinking. Is this normal? Can this be turned off?
  2. noticed that the lan port led keeps blinking even there is no activity. After shutdown the system, the led behave the same. Is it suppose to behave in this manner?
  3. Can you share the add on for oled display as mentioned earlier? Bought a few 1.3" oled for esp8266 project. (Unfortunately can get SSD1306 type, only SH1106) Would like to see what can be expected for info display.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Pre-order now hit 321 units . Can't wait till the shipping date
  5. Yes, google+ may not be as popular as facebook but a lot of sbc fans are active there. Btw, will there still a oled display for helios4?
  6. Count down to 3 ..... 2 .....
  7. Repeat the apt-get upgrade, although very slow, but manage to go from 5.30 to 5.31. Now everything back to normal. Thanks.
  8. Bananapi armbian 5.27 mainline upgrade to 5.30. Cannot log in remotely from putty.. When connect to hdmi monitor, it boot up normally and can log in. Everything seems ok but no response when attempt to log in remotely (putty). Very strange.
  9. If you do not use the vga port, there is a ready 5V I2C for you. Wiring your 4 wire I2C LCD using a vga connector is much more easier than connecting to the pins on board (which is tinier compare to rpi or bpi)
  10. What about wheezy 4.2.3, how to disable the 2 modules?
  11. Thanks for the links. I have check the dts file (converted from dtb), all the leds parameters are already there. Listing from /sys/class/leds, the 4 leds are ready cubietruck:blue:usr cubietruck:orange:usr cubietruck:green:usr cubietruck:white:usr echo "heartbeat" > /sys/class/leds/cubietruck\:blue\:usr/trigger works okay. What is the best way to make these triggers auto start when boot?
  12. Can anyone help to provide guides since it is disable by default? Thanks in advance.