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  1. Yes, i have. The possibilitie to add 4020 fan in the case instead of a 3010. The most 3010 fans are really noisy and if an 4020 will fit is it possible to add the Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM. And the is a lot more silent!
  2. It´s a little time ago. But i think i have hardware acceleration working under ubuntu-desktop. Or let i say so: by glxinfo -B i read the following: name of display: :0 display: :0 screen: 0 direct rendering: Yes Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer): Vendor: Panfrost (0xffffffff) Device: Mali-G610 (Panfrost) (0xffffffff) Version: 23.0.0 Accelerated: yes Video memory: 7689MB Unified memory: yes Preferred profile: compat (0x2) Max core profile version: 0.0 Max compat profile version: 3.0 Max GLES1 profile version: 1.1 Max GLES[23] profile version: 3.1 OpenGL vendor string: Panfrost OpenGL renderer string: Mali-G610 (Panfrost) OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 23.0.0-devel OpenGL shading language version string: 1.30 OpenGL context flags: (none) OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 3.1 Mesa 23.0.0-devel OpenGL ES profile shading language version string: OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.10 But everything what i do. Under chromium Hardware-accelerated video encode is always under chrome://flags unavailable . Not available on your platform. But the same is the situation on my Dell laptop. And it looks like that youtube plays a lot smoother... Anyone else: is it possible to integrate this driver in the release?
  3. Hmm, 4k video play´s now smooth in Chrome and Firefox also on Youtube. But it didn´t use hardware codec i think. Cpu is loaded arround 30%. @buvaluyi got the acrylic case. An SSD wil fit. I have now screw to mount the SSD. Just put some thick heatpad between the case and the SSD and it´s not perfectly flat. Also placed a 20x20x11 heatsink on the cpu and wil perfectly with a 3010 fan. Temperature is max 40 degrees celsius.
  4. @Efe Çetinwill give it a try! @Efe Çetin i have tried both: the cli version and the desktop version. Both works! The desktop start without problems and the nvme ssd works to boot from! Really nice! So it´s a good build! I have also tried to enable 3d support as mentioned on the downloadpage fo the Orangepi5 https://www.armbian.com/orangepi-5/ And offcourse followed the instructions here: https://launchpad.net/~liujianfeng1994/+archive/ubuntu/rockchip-multimedia But youtube in chromium wont play at all. Freeze complete on 4k resolution. Firefox runs a lot smoother but also on 1440 or 1080p. But i think i do something wrong because the RK3588s should be able to play on 8K resolution?
  5. --- cant delete message but makes a stupid mistake
  6. Got the official image cinnamon focal running from SD card but now don´t want to run from NVME. Used the same commands as for the testbuild i got running. Updated spi with armbian-install and yes i have a real pcie ssd...
  7. @Efe Çetinalso tried same problem. What i see in difference with the builds before is that the working builds switch back to a lower resolution before starting the desktop. I have also tried with another low resolution monitor but the problem still exist.
  8. @Avatar Ng@Efe Çetin Got exactly the same problem with the daily builds. Only a blinking cursor after startup. When i press the power button display comes back with the armbian shutdown logo. Got the beta beta build working on ssd but this daily builds looks like broken... Edit: tried build 124 also broken...
  9. Ah ok. I read on github that the it´s just waiting for a new test build but need to approved or something?
  10. Got it also working now! Just so simple with armbian-install working What i did maybe wrong: 1. Not as root user but just with SU 2. Used nand-sata-install instead of Armbian install Things i noticed at first use: 1. At first setup it does not show the iP adress. If you don´t have a keyboard/mouse connected, you should search in your modem for the the ip. 2. CPU speed settings / governor does not working in armbian-config. But this problem is also in the official Orangepi ubuntu image. 3. GPIO could not be configured in armbian-config 4. USB-C port looks like not working. Blue USB-A top port works on 5000Mb speed. Bottom port on USB 2.0 480Mb speed. But think that´s also a USB 2.0 port
  11. I can´t get it working also with Armbian. I think i do something wrong. I followed to he official Ubuntu manual and it works. Also read the link of the Rock Pi 5 but it´s not very clear for me. I downloaded the Armbian image, zero.img and rkspi_loader.img. I booted also from the micro sd armbian and that works fine. On the Orange pi i did the following: orangepi5:Downloads:# sudo dd if=zero.img of=/dev/mtdblock0 32768+0 records in 32768+0 records out 16777216 bytes (17 MB, 16 MiB) copied, 253.123 s, 66.3 kB/s orangepi5:Downloads:# sudo dd if=rkspi_loader.img of=/dev/mtdblock0 32768+0 records in 32768+0 records out 16777216 bytes (17 MB, 16 MiB) copied, 254.654 s, 65.9 kB/s orangepi5:Downloads:# sudo dd bs=1M if=Armbian_20221220a-rpardini_Orangepi5_kinetic_legacy_5.10.110.img of=/dev/nvme0n1 status=progress 2053111808 bytes (2.1 GB, 1.9 GiB) copied, 3 s, 683 MB/s 2020+0 records in 2020+0 records out 2118123520 bytes (2.1 GB, 2.0 GiB) copied, 6.42917 s, 329 MB/s orangepi5:Downloads:# sudo poweroff After powering up it just don´t start. I see also methods by using a usb port. And the steps for windows, linux and so on the call also step 3 and step 4. So totally not clear...?
  12. Hmm, i don't use HDMI sound. But i got a new update today and not yet rebooted but got a trunk version??? Preparing to unpack .../0-curl_7.68.0-1ubuntu2.12_arm64.deb ... Unpacking curl (7.68.0-1ubuntu2.12) over (7.68.0-1ubuntu2.11) ... Preparing to unpack .../1-libcurl4_7.68.0-1ubuntu2.12_arm64.deb ... Unpacking libcurl4:arm64 (7.68.0-1ubuntu2.12) over (7.68.0-1ubuntu2.11) ... Preparing to unpack .../2-armbian-config_22.08.0-trunk.0038_all.deb ... Unpacking armbian-config (22.08.0-trunk.0038) over (22.05.3) ... Preparing to unpack .../3-armbian-firmware_22.08.0-trunk.0038_all.deb ... Unpacking armbian-firmware (22.08.0-trunk.0038) over (22.05.3) ... Preparing to unpack .../4-armbian-zsh_22.08.0-trunk.0038_all.deb ... Unpacking armbian-zsh (22.08.0-trunk.0038) over (22.05.3) ... Don't know if this is a good sign....
  13. To anwser my own question: yes it's safe to upgrade! Everything works perfect after upgrade to 22.05.1 Focal and 22.05.3 Focal on the OrangePi 4!
  14. Can someone confirm if the Armbian update today not broke down the running system? Is it safe to upgrade??
  15. Hi Werner, do you know if this problem is fixed? I have now freezed all Armbian updates because the whole system broke after a kernel update. But what i know this is a problem of all RK3399 boards? Thank you for your answer
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