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  1. Thanks for your reply @tkaiser Afterall it took me several month to realize that the M2+ is a useless piece of hardware. Guess you realized this ways faster ;-) I won't buy any new M2+ board and most likely shred my existing ones.
  2. The other day I literally burned my fingers when trying to figure out why my mostly idle bpi-m2+ did not respond. Unfortunately I forgot to throttle the CPU/RAM with the h3consumption tool. Which settings would you recommended for a M2+ in order to avoid overheating? To my surprise the overheating also happened without high loads.
  3. I agree with @tkaiser that the M2+ board could have been better engineered. :-D It seems to me that the Raspberry Pi remains to be the only affordable hardware with proper software support; wonder if they are going to release a gigabit version soon. I have a naive question regarding my initial request: @zador.blood.stained in order to port the chunk of netfilter changes back to the legacy kernel: should I diff the corresponding directories in the armbian sources folder against the official Linux kernel repo (tagged with 3.7)? Or do I need to diff against a "different" kernel source? P.
  4. I am not sure if i brought up a painful subject in my question regarding the vanilla/mainline kernel? I guess @tkaiser and @Igor can't also wait for the vanilla kernel to be completed ;-) In the meantime I will try my best to backport the (niche) features from Kernel 3.7. Any pointers to helpful documentation are more than welcome.
  5. I am using the latest Armbian version with a legacy kernel on my M2+ board. The Armbian forum has already been a great source of help. Now I am facing a new issue: - for my setup the IPv6 NAT netfilter module is required, which was introduced in Kernel 3.7 So in my understanding I have two options: a) backport the kernel module(s) to the legacy Kernel by customizing the armbian build process switch to the mainline Kernel The mainline kernel for H3 boards seems to lack support for Gigabit ethernet and in general still remains no recommended for potential overheating proble
  6. Fixed the device naming issue with udev and thanks @tkaiser for the nmtui/nmcli advice - will update my skills to 2017
  7. A simple copy of the *a1 files was enough. I will dive into udev rules as network manager is not an option - for my headless setup.
  8. Short update I managed to get the WiFi on the revised board running again. Turns out there are firmware files for the revised AP6212 chip: Once the firmwarefiles *1.* are copied to the firmware folder everything works again. The only minor issue I still have to fix is that the wlan interface now is wlan1 instead of wlan0. Any suggestions on how to "correctly" name the wlan interface are appreciated.
  9. BTW: I could send you one of the boards to Slovenia - in case you want to debug the WiFi chip hands-on?
  10. This is the "old" working board: This is board revision I face problems with: As you can see, the revision / board version did not change - what changed is the revision of the WiFi chip.
  11. Hi Igor, It seems that the boards feature a different revision of the WiFi chip. Is there anything I could do to help get it running again? best, Markus
  12. Hi there, Recently you helped me to setup a WiFI AP on Armbian and a bananapim2p board: The current problem I am facing: the dhd module on armbian 5.25 does not on my bananapim2p boards. To be precise: I have one bananapi m2p where the dhd module loads perfectly on armbian 5.25, I created an image of this board's emmc and flashed the emmc of two different m2p boards. The dhd config file looks like: cat /etc/modprobe.d$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/dhd.conf options dhd op_mode=2 firmware_path=/lib/firmw
  13. Oh my ...! I sure hope it does not require me to start desoldering components - i have to get an antenna first to check if additional hardware hacks are required.
  14. Hi all, I can confirm that the autoloading conf as proposed by Igor et al. works. Thank you ever so much for your prompt replies! Right now the WiFi signal is pretty low, I am experimenting with different settings - and this is a topic for yet another post if I do not solve it. Thank you guys!
  15. Wow, your support is amazing guys! While Igor answered, I tried tkaiser's suggestion - and it did not work. Another thing I tried (because I do not yet understand how dhd works) is to add the op_mode option to /lib/firmware/ap6212/config.txt - which did not change anything.