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  1. Sorry, can't find (using apt-cache search) [seamonkey, thunderbird, firefox, openoffice] WFUP? Ex I use OO 3.3 so I DONT want to switch to Libre Office, even they are OS Licence...
  2. Hi there, my favourite Video player is VLC (who remembers? ;p), so I downloaded it, apt-get install vlc But on MP4 video image is 8x squashed, speed looks OK, sound is "almost working" with muting from time to time. With mvp screen looks (geometrically) ok, but pixels are 8x8 (colour). Unusable too. Any ideas? Sample film visualises on mCeleron 1.4GHz / Intel GMA w/o problem. (I know, from HDD, but it looks not like a HDD performance problem).
  3. THX, advanced a bit, did: dpkg-reconfigure locales still have LANGUAGE & LC_MESSAGES = en_US.UTF-8 in /etc/default/locale. Corrected to pl_PL.UTF-8, after reboot (ooouuugghh, Win$ method...) desktop seems "more Polish" Commandline too (mc greatest tool Peter Northon ever wrote). But Firefox still English...
  4. Hi there, I am quite new to Armbian (Debian), but experienced on Fedora (RedHat). I want to use national language support on my Armbian device [Orange Pi PL+]. In particular Polish (but if this post transforms into guide it will be for others too). How do I install(?) / enable (?) / rebuild (?) packages (especially GUI) to enable Polish language? With this, OPi / Armbian would be an "viable" alternative to some "STBs" (2x less price... freedom of installing packages). Fonts, keyboard (I saw only "Polish-Dvorak" which is not correct, should be "polish-programmers" - with ALT-Gr or Polish-"typewriter" which I guess is not available now), all these stuff. Is it already build, and I need only to install some packages / change some settings? Or must I rebuild packages (which ones? how) from source?
  5. EDIT: after switching OFF/ON the DEVICE, GUI window appears once again. Mouse / keyboard WORKS. BUT if I enter any "PIN" in window it STOPS working. If I simply CLOSE the "PIN window" it works. WTF?
  6. OK, did as Instructed: oot@orangepipcplus:~# bluetoothctl [NEW] Controller 00:15:83:3D:0A:57 orangepipcplus [default] [NEW] Device DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard [bluetooth]# disco disconnect discoverable [bluetooth]# discoverable on Changing discoverable on succeeded [bluetooth]# pairable on Changing pairable on succeeded [bluetooth]# scan on Discovery started [CHG] Controller 00:15:83:3D:0A:57 Discovering: yes [CHG] Device DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E LegacyPairing: yes [CHG] Device DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E RSSI: -77 [bluetooth]# trusted DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E Invalid command [bluetooth]# trust DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E Changing DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E trust succeeded [bluetooth]# connect DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E Attempting to connect to DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E [CHG] Device DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E Connected: yes [CHG] Device DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E Modalias: usb:v0A5Cp8502d011B [CHG] Device DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E UUIDs: 00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb 00001200-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb Connection successful [bluetooth]# eventually inserting "pair DC:2C:26:AF:B2:9E" before "connect" Now, DEVICE looks paired / connected (LED on keyboard / LED on adapter flashing on keypress/mouse move), BUT cursor on HDMI display does NOT move. And I got (2x) GUI window "Enter PIN", but pressing keys on BT keyboard had no effect. Same after "Windoze method" -> reboot. I got same GUI for some time... What am I missing? [what to look in logs for?] Is there a method to enter PIN from SSH? (as normally I got GUI (on laptop) with "press PIN on device" (or something like), then enter PIN+ENTER and it worked)
  7. Hi there, I am a new user of OPi PC+, downloaded, flashed Armbian_5.20_Orangepipcplus_Debian_jessie_3.4.112_desktop.img basic setup OK, got IP, changed passwords etc, GUI starts. As I don't have USB keyboard/mouse, I've opened SSH session, then set export DISPLAY=laptop2:0 , then xterm. OK. From BT side it also looks ok: adapter blinks, I can find my BT keyboard/mouse using hcitool scan Now the problem: if I launch bluetooth-applet / bluetooth-assistant it CRASHES (assistant) at step of PAIRING device. (applet still alive). So my quiestion is, how to pair this remote device without "assistant", and make it available as "normal" keyboard/mouse? [device is OK, it works with Fedora on my laptop and Android]