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    umiddelb got a reaction from Sonikku in Introduction to U Boot? /Lack of fundamental understanding   
    I don't know if you have already read an article which I've written for ODROID Magazine a couple of years ago ("Das-U-Boot") .
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    umiddelb got a reaction from lanefu in Problem: install MongoDB for Unifi Controller
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    umiddelb got a reaction from TDCroPower in Problem: install MongoDB for Unifi Controller
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    umiddelb reacted to chwe in Censorship 2020   
    well that one escalated quickly.. and due to all the notifications popping up I had to follow most of the crap happened here.. And first before I even try to sum this up. I suppose you change your nick immediately to something else.
    You started with a thread about a dirt cheap TV box which you already bought and then tried to convince others to buy it as well cause it's cheap and somehow in the hope armbian will run on it.. This one got deleted by @TRS-80 . Which might be an overreaction. Depending on how you read the rules he had the right to do it.. I would probably just moved it to TV boxes so that it get read by the right persons namely @balbes150 who more or less maintains 'armbian on TV boxes' on his own. Most others doing development are for good reasons not interested in TV boxes (even with schematics it's mostly a pain if things like a proper DT don't exist from the vendor.. But instead of trying to get this in a better shape you tried to find every possible sub-forum to tell everyone that you're pissed-off that he deleted your first post here and there.. since he set you back that everything must be approved it just bloated my messegeboard more with stuff I actually have no passion to deal with.. After seeing that you bloat around everywhere, it was probably the right decision to revoke your post right upon approval by a moderator.. I'm not a fan of such actions cause it's just more work for me to approve x posts more per day..
    A small hint the few bucks you spend for an SBC or for TV box is nothing compared to the $ you spend for support. If balbes thinks it's not even worth to have a briefer look at a box he will have likely good reasons for that (I don't even waste my time for TV boxes anymore.. you don't know what you get, things can change cause the vendor runs out of something and replaces it with something else e.g. another wifi chip other ram other whatever he runs out... and then he has to deal with the fall out of that cause people show up here that their similar looking TV box doesn't work as expected). Who will then dive into it to fix it? Will you be around and fixing all this stuff? Or is it then up to him to explain the new users that "this batch works" and this batch doesn't cause component x changed and there's no support for it? It's mostly the second.. And why should he do that for a TV box he's not interested in at all? He answered quite polite that it's a boring TV box he's not interested in.. After that you tried to convince that this is somehow valuable for armbian for whatever reason. I don't think it is.. people here around know that the W905 variants are mostly well supported in the kernel a well supported SoC doesn't give you a well supported TV box/SBC.. As you both figured out the only network connection on this board is crap and due to limited other options (only 2 USB2 every other possibility e.g. attaching network over USB will limit a limited TV box even more making it a wasted 18$ for everyone who buys this box based on that thread in the hope that enough pressure on balbes will convince him to look at it). And that around a time you didn't even tried to get your research done if and how this thing can be re-flashed, that might be your starting point ) and then from the picture:

    you see on the right side VCC RX TX GND? that's likely your debug UART and 'most likely' it's 3V or 3v3 so setting up your debug UART see what comes out use google or bing or whatever searchengine you prefer. so that you get a clue what is there if people already did something with the bootloader there or a similar one (if it's u-boot and you can interrupt it printenv gives you some nice hints) post your finding and your guesses and maybe someone will give you a hint here and there how you should progress. That would show @balbes150 that you're actually interested in doing something not just soak up his time, maybe not cause I think he has enough valid points to declare this box as a waste of time.. And the TV box subforum is still a forum about armbian on TV boxes not elec"something" on TV boxes.. If you want that ask the guys there to support your new paperweight maybe they're willing maybe they're not - that's then their decision. But except the confirmation that there's a crap wifi IMO your thread provided nothing of value to armbian. Well at least those involved in the whole TV boxes stuff now can honestly say that you shouldn't buy this one if someone asks for advice which TV box he should buy (and if you want something which works without much pain it's a good idea to do your research first and then buy).
    Why should it get deleted? Maybe cause it's not about censorship here? If this would be about censorship we would have deleted your account all your posts and it would look like you were never here. That's censorship.. Locking a discussion where everything is said and all needed persons made clear that support for it wont happen isn't. It's just keeping the forum somehow readable. Tagging randomly people to waste their time as well is just bad taste. If Igor thinks that someone acted not the way it is acceptable he would already made this clear. Moderator rights already got revoked if someone didn't had a common sense how he should act like.. Was everything perfect ofc not -  or at least I would maybe solved things different, but mistakes happen and from what I saw no major mistake happened.. You got your thread back after things clarified even the restrictions got revoked. The only stuff which is 'censored' from you is where you entered a thread which was used by proved spammers to get the first mod approval just to bloat the forum after its with spam IMO that whole thread can go to trash cause it doesn't add any value to armbian but let others decide that. And your answers there honestly were just a try to make people angry so that you get a reaction nothing of value for ambian as well.. just another thread which wastes peoples time.
    So if you really wanna do some research (this here got the research tag removed by myself cause it's ranting not research) you could spend some time to get something out of your paperweight and see how far you get. likely this time is better spent as starting another discussion about random claims and insults to people here. Even when I think balbes is right and this box is a waste of time, it might be a good one to learn things on your own instead of pushing other people to do the work for you. And even when not.. at least you only wasted your time and not everyone else' time.
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    umiddelb reacted to lanefu in Censorship 2020   
    dude forreal you kinda fly off the handle pretty quick. 
    Balbes is the loneTV boxes person.... and the tv boxes is his project... so if he's not interested.. he's not interested... 
    I'm sure if you wanted to add support to the TV boxes branch he'd accept the PR.
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    umiddelb got a reaction from Igor in Generic Images ?   
    You might want to watch this talk here, Andre is explaining his ideas how to create a single generic firmware image.
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    umiddelb got a reaction from NicoD in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    I can get in touch with the odroid guys to change this situation if you want.
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    umiddelb reacted to chwe in board support - general discussion / project aims   
    Well that one went into personal insults of each other which is for sure not what both of you want... Let's try to figure out where and why this went wrong.  Starting from here:
    Well the answer was more or less there:
    understandable, it's frustrating. when 'your board' gets dropped.. But you must also understand that we can't support every board for years, especially if it's not sold anymore.. It's work to adjust the related patches everytime, to test it before we provide a new image and the support over forum. This thread was meant as a 'board support - general discussion / project aims' not a how to I get *random board supported*. For such a topic you should open your own thread.. E.g. here: (Armbian support ended or never existed - 3rd party boards and external hardware). Hint (since the SoC is still supported you basically need an ubuntu image, a device tree (or fex file in case you deal with the old kernel which I don't recommend) for your board, a defconfig for uboot, the buildscirpt and some time to build your images and see if and what's working (so you get also a clue what it means to support a board... and we support a few more than one)..
    Such questions show up constantly.. This can be frustrating.. Sometimes you get then a less polite answer.. that's human.. your first post maybe wasn't a rant.. the follow up here clearly were.. From there you can answer (as @Igor did) or as I do quite often... Just ignore it.. I'm mostly not in a mood to answer to stuff which just annoys me, why should I? As others, I donate my time for free and it's not worth to deal with annoying stuff. There's enough funny stuff to do on a project like Armbian. Even helping other people to get familiar with the buildscript can be fun, but clearly not if someone drops partly into the wrong thread, complaining multiple time why his question isn't the most important one we should answer to.. and then complaining about bullying... In case you still want to bring back your board working:
    Here's one where I implemented a whole new SoC family into armbian:
    And in this thread I tried to basically show *my workflow* to patch a kernel and u-boot to bring in a feature into an existing board:
    with those two, and enough time, you should be able to bring back your board into the buildscript.. And if there are still open questions, you can open a thread in P2P and maybe someone is willing to give you some guidance who knows.. I hope we can keep this thread now as for what it was for, in case not I'll either close it for a cool down phase or just delete the off-topic part, depending if I've a good day or not..
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    umiddelb got a reaction from lanefu in Improve 'Support over Forum' situation   
    Here's a reference for an open source project using jira ...
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    umiddelb got a reaction from lanefu in Improve 'Support over Forum' situation   
    Atlassian offers free-of-charge licenses for Open Source projects ...
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    umiddelb got a reaction from TonyMac32 in Odroid C0/C1/C1+ - please update the mainline kernel version   
    Any 3.3 V level UART USB dongle will do the job (for the C0/C1/C1+/C2), you can even use standard breadboard female cables to connect to the Odroid serial console pins:

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    umiddelb got a reaction from NicoD in FOSDEM 2018   
    I plan to attend FOSDEM 2019, anyone else too?
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    umiddelb got a reaction from dvachon in /var/log on zram0   
    You can disable logging to ram by setting `ENABLED=false´ in  `/etc/default/armbian-ramlog´.
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    umiddelb reacted to chwe in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    Yesterday was about linus don't understand that some people might felt offended by his communications style. Today Coraline Ada's blog post about her year at github. 

    It's somehow interesting... IMO they face both the same problem. Their communication style isn't  fully compatible with the community they are in..
    Coraline Ada:
    Linus Torvalds:
    Coraline Ada:
    Linus Torvalds:
    For me this is somehow ironic.  Both stand hard for their position which might not be a mainstream position which brings them quite often in trouble and they have to defend them-self.  IMO, being 'inclusive' means that you accept both behaviors as long as they don't cross some lines of common sense. We've to accept that not everyone has the same opinions on several topics and what people assume as 'normal behavior' . Both, Linus and Coraline aren't fully what I would call average but in an inclusive environment both should find their place and felt somehow welcomed as long as they accept that maybe not everyone shares their opinion on a *random topic*.  Cause actually, some of the features she and her team developed for github are really useful e.g. as she describes:

    I think it's beneficial for bigger projects to spot new contributors either to have a closer look at the patch or just to congrats for the first contribution..  
    and the other one:
    IMO I would call it a bug that the invitation is only visible via email and not reminds you friendly as soon as you login with your github account but well.. Nothing is perfect..  But I also like that I could not be randomly added to groups I don't know or I don't want to be part of..
    And my last two cents on this one:
    Well IMO those 'values' are written by HR and Lawyers (to ensure they can't be sued for them..  ) and that's why a bunch of people inside a company don't give a fuck whats written there.. They don't grow organic it's more some sort of GMO, the majority accepts them cause they're cheap... e.g. 
    smells like the marketing intern together with the law intern played a round of buzzword bingo to make an HR senior happy who had to make management happy cause they pushed him to write down some sort of 'what we are'.. If this stuff doesn't come from the people who do the work.. They don't feel responsible to follow these rules/values.. That's why IMO the companies HR department should have different 'values' than the development unit and they may have different values than the production department.. 
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    umiddelb got a reaction from balbes150 in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    seems that you're not the only one
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    umiddelb got a reaction from Igor in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    seems that you're not the only one
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    umiddelb reacted to tkaiser in Looking for an enclosure for espressobin   
    Nice. How did you solve the problem of the stupid Molex male power connector? And do you sell these things?
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    umiddelb got a reaction from Patrick in Espressobin support development efforts   
    Actually yes. I've removed the partitioning information from the dts and pass it as a kernel parameter. 
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    umiddelb got a reaction from tkaiser in Espressobin support development efforts   
    2 seconds, then the heats becomes very uncomfortable.
    It's more or less the same with 4.13-rc3
    ubuntu@ebin:~$ 7z b 7-Zip 9.20 Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov 2010-11-18 p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=en_GB.UTF-8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,2 CPUs) RAM size: 2000 MB, # CPU hardware threads: 2 RAM usage: 425 MB, # Benchmark threads: 2 Dict Compressing | Decompressing Speed Usage R/U Rating | Speed Usage R/U Rating KB/s % MIPS MIPS | KB/s % MIPS MIPS 22: 736 143 501 716 | 18910 200 855 1707 23: 732 143 521 745 | 18671 200 856 1709 24: 727 143 546 782 | 18407 199 857 1708 25: 723 144 575 825 | 18257 199 861 1717 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Avr: 143 535 767 199 857 1710 Tot: 171 696 1239  
    Mainline kernel doesn't come with cpufreq support.
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    umiddelb got a reaction from TonyMac32 in Amlogic Linux kernel repository   
    You may take my copy here. I'm curious if your kernel will boot (wasn't successful so far).
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    umiddelb got a reaction from lanefu in Espressobin support development efforts   
    I forgot to mention that you have to pass the mtd partitioning information via the kernel command line, e.g.
    console=ttyMV0,115200 earlycon=ar3700_uart,0xd0012000 root=UUID=99415e2c-d205-4dd4-84ba-6804c8e4bc79 rootwait rw governor=ondemand no_console_suspend mtdparts=spi32766.0:1536k(uboot),64k(uboot-environment),-(reserved) net.ifnames=0 elevator=noop  
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    umiddelb got a reaction from Jason Rogers in How to build my own image or kernel?   
    The Armbian build system is well documented, but it builds everything from source. If you don't have access to the source and/or don't know which source to take, it might be easier to start with an existing firmware and/or kernel. You should have serial console access to the board and know how deal with the firmware (u-boot). If have have access to the sources you can just re-cycle the slot of an existing board (unfortunately Armbian doesn't offer "spare" or "intentionally left blank" slots). 
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    umiddelb got a reaction from pmpp in [Misc. / systemd removal] Removing systemd from Jessie   
    I've just managed to build Devuan/Aarch64 for the Odroid C2 using the traditional debootstrap (on an Ubuntu host) way, so I might be able to patch the armbian/build scripts in order to generate a Devuan image.
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    umiddelb got a reaction from lanefu in Espressobin support development efforts   
    for the records, the ESPRESSObin runs pretty well with a 4.12-rc mainline kernel. I've merged the marvell defconfig with upstream defconfig, but I needed to skip CONFIG_DRM* (otherwise board doesn't boot). Following things are missing at the moment:
    cpu frequency scaling wlan0 (didn't manage to get I working with 4.4 BSP) mtd access (didn't manage to get I working with 4.4 BSP either) USB 2.0 port (while the USB 3.0 runs fine) Did anyone here succeed in getting wlan and/or mtd running?
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    umiddelb got a reaction from pfeerick in [Misc. / systemd removal] Removing systemd from Jessie   
    I've just managed to build Devuan/Aarch64 for the Odroid C2 using the traditional debootstrap (on an Ubuntu host) way, so I might be able to patch the armbian/build scripts in order to generate a Devuan image.