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  1. This image also works with my Zero v1.4 :(( Well thank you, do you think of anything else I could try?
  2. gecko42


  3. Hello there, I am trying to (first) boot an Orange Pi Zero (H2+, 512MB ram, v1.5) that I received a long time ago but can't get it to start. There are no LEDs turned on, not on the ethernet port nor on the other side (but afaik the latter is software controlled so this does not worry me). Here is what I tried: multiple attempts with Armbian Buster (Armbian_20.05.3_Orangepizero_buster_current_5.4.45.img) burnt with BalenaEtcher, multiple microSD cards, different power supplies (via microUSB and GPIO). Unfortunately, nothing shows up on the serial connection, and 0 amps are drained when 5V is sent to the board. I have little experience with Orange Pis and I have usually found my way around, the microSD cards and PSUs were also tested working on an Orange Pi PC and another Orange Pi Zero (H2+, 256MB ram, v1.4)... Can someone help me? Is my board dead? Thank you for your help!
  4. Hello ! Thank you very much for your solution, which works well ! However, I am using latest Armbian 5.25 Ubuntu desktop (using legacy kernel) and the interface does not start on boot, I each time I have to run "ifdown ra0" and "ifup ra0" to make it connect to my wifi AP... Do you have ideas to help me ? Thank you ! Edit : A few more details, after boot (when desktop is displayed) I can see in my router configuration that the OPi is connected... But I can't ping it and when I try to run ifconfig, ra0 does not appear ! It looks like it stops working. Here is the output of dmesg, as you can see I restart the interface (using ifdown and ifup) at 311 sec : http://pastebin.com/z7qsaad8 And strangely, I made a startup script which restarts the interface but that doesn't work...
  5. Hello ! I bought a little AT070TN90 7 inches display to use with my Orange Pi PC, but when I set the resolution to 800x480 (using "h3disp -m 800x480" or "h3disp -m 31") and reboot, the screen does not display anything (same with any other screen I connect to). I thought it might be an hdmi cable problem but I tried with a different ones and I got the same issue... So I ssh to the board and revert back to a resolution that works (720p or 1080p) but the screen is just too small for these resolutions... Please, can you help me ? Thanks !
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