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  1. please also show picture of boeard maybe board print name , some R29 boards have diffirent pin setting so ist maybe one of this creepy and non standart boards
  2. When a script is possible than uENV.txt should be the best point , also in thinging of rk322x-config where a question for user can be implement my thought was more that we support Multitool with 2 small xz files extractet and from 24.xx image and 21.01.01 image ( maybe later get update in newer multitool version) , and when he has problem he can use a new item point where the bootloader get write like the script above #!/bin/bash set -e # Path UENV_FILE="/boot/uENV.txt" # read variable out of uENV UPGRADEBOOT=$(grep -Po '(?<=Upgradeboot=)\d' "$UENV_FILE" || true) #or this maybe better UPGRADEBOOT=$(grep -Po '(?<=Upgradeboot=)\d' "$UENV_FILE" || echo "1") # Proof, Upgradeboot=0 if [ "$UPGRADEBOOT" -eq 0 ]; then echo "Upgradeboot is deactive, Installation abort." >&2 exit 1 fi preinstall script
  3. thats maybe a point which be can handle by multitool where the user has a option point (choose) , when have problem be more compatible (perfomance reduce) optee , when perfomance (with my incompatiple eg power-off ) flash TrustOS maybe with a hint that after a apt-Upgrade procedure has to renew
  4. When we now see thats is a moreover need part maybe it is also a good idea to integrate a point in Multitool where a this 2MB part is flash to emmc or nand to replace the bootloader from normal Armbian image
  5. thats look like a power or thermal problem maybe , did you managed to try (sdcard or usb) with cpu-stability to overlays= line in /boot/armbianEnv.txt or verbosity=7 and look in the Serial log maybe still always same step where it break hope you have a serial adapter at the box
  6. but thats tooo much too much thermal stress for chip and so on .... also the maskrom mode is more to get into SD/USB boot when you have a close bootloader or when you need to flash from pc , there you short that pin shortly only to say cpu internal loader use alternate drive , you have to release the short direct after boot to use the emmc and format it please look if you can boot still from usb/sd card , please dont use usb sdcard reader only direkt sd card
  7. HI @audio kees first of all do you have also Ram chips at underside of the board , else i would say that you have a eMCP ( emmc + ram combination) , eMCP are now possible with multitool and armbian but sometimes instable outside android for the brick , you dont need the clock under the chip , also possible to GND the clock at a resistor or test point , sometimes also at the pad for NAND on right side of your picture is possible but self with brick memory a boot from SD-Card or USB should always possible
  8. yes when LAN port work for you and the box get a ip adress its now possible to ssh do you have a usb cale keyboard attached to the tv box , you have to hit enter/space to except the license ( some wired and some wireless keyboard dont work under linux because they need some usb driver but that rare )
  9. i can share a version 15.06.2021 and 17.03.2022 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HR_wvgg6L5nkInjLSWeqi7eWsAzC0qlQ?usp=sharing
  10. @Jaisere to find the image look at first post below install SD-Casrd you find the link to Jock archive Armbian_22.02.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_xfce_desktop.img.xz
  11. @k405@Bert Kortenbach also looking on picture its maybe not a emmc, more like a eMCP (emmc and DDr Ram in one chip) when looking at wifi part looks like a part of iphone chipset and not as a realtek of broadcom module more more of cheap things patch together , most times you dont know when ist maybe recyle part or obsolete or over aged part of the shelf
  12. @Benedito Portela thank you for information but n3o talk about DVI to HDMI that is a passiv , pinout adapter DVI-I is compatible to HDMI direct -> with and without 5V as i know
  13. in first first part --> at ddr and Board model U-Boot 2021.04-armbian (Aug 08 2021 - 18:00:55 +0200)
  14. but this isnt the kernel , that is the armbian base system update . my knowladge that kernel never get update at non offizial Armbain device with apt-upgrade , ever only the base system in some range also than we have the package with header linux-header-rk322x_23.x.x..... the new kernel only with new compile complete image files last year or maybe begin of 2023 i update header without base system this also break one box
  15. goggle first LIRC point , there are maybe some other when you need ffmpegs , video , you should more consiter Libreelec or CoreElec or something that is optimsie
  16. cmon really , you know that bluray need usb3 and decypher AACS and also Hardware encoding , i had a old lenovo t420 with i5 that struggle bluray , and now a small box sould do same lol yes this box can x264 but when you read first page and some thread that hardware video isnt the best friend but works for normal task (desktop , normal youtube and HD videos)
  17. there are some tools for linux and IR on this box it can be became complicate because GPIO and DTB and tools, relearn remote , so on ............. when you are lucky the right setting are already in dtb and the tool recognise the IR comannd than you need to relearn the remote inside the tool thats not topic of this board and dont relatet to rk322x , maybe smbv2 vs smbv1 , anyonmus account etc ..... please ask in the right place
  18. thats because it is mk41k412 data instead of mt29f128 data , so most likly its 600mhz or 660mhz ,else leave with default like i said before slower (defaut that run with your box) is better than not stable (528,600,660 etc)
  19. D9PFK leads to MT29F128G08ECEDBJ4-6:D rest is google https://www.preduo.com/part-number-list/micron-part-number-list
  20. mostly 4 chips with same id or the one on both sides of main board
  21. rk3228 if unclear stay at A and be safe RAM if default is stable just use this ( in you case i think slower is better than unstable) wifi 3030:3030 i found many evidence that this is a 6051p for Ram and wifi you could always use your picture or look in the tv-box and google the modules rk33xxx page on from china but clear some SDIO ID
  22. when i look at the log i think you have more a major (or bigger) Problem , the log show a bad emmc memory , the bootloader can not read some parts correctly (ecc-error) because you have had also a bad android i thing there was the problem that the emmc sometimes didnt not shutdown correct or get to much Voltage or something like that the picture show a kernel panic , that could alse be the bad memory or some other driver that did not follow the kernel instructions @jock i dont know if a dtb extract from android could help here ?
  23. NAND only with ARMBIAN with Kernel 4.4 =legacy please try first some setting from rk322x-config , from SD-Card till you found stable ones
  24. easy boy , you have now 3 topic or not does it boot or not ? UART Log is everytime welcome , but when UART work its boot and running (or at least the bootloader ) yes log show maybe 500mhz but i thing that simply the easy fallback to be compatible to all box and not your box -> do you get Armbian on SD-Card boot ? than you can try all settings till stable one is found
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