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  1. @balbes150 some feedback 1. after screensaver goes active (switch screen black/ off) and back to destktop (wakeup) screen still has rosa overlay 2. bluetooth are on rfkill but i got a two error first: rfkill has bluetooth with softblock ,secound after unblock i got error FW rtl_bt/r8723bs_fw.bin not found ( inside /usr/lib/firmware/rtl_bt/ only r8723b_fw.bin inside ) after rename files bluetooth work ( discover able and connect able ) also add to /etc/modprobe/r8723bs.conf the line rtw_btcoex_enable=1
  2. @elbuit nice to see that you get a linux on your box , first do use the desktop image ? secound this linux version kernel 5.xx are beta version ,also the mwson8b-mxq.dtb file do not start your wlan because still some information for wlan missing inside the dtb ,please can start android and look at serial terminal for wlan pin, irq and clk infos (GPIOX_10 or pin-166 or something)
  3. i found the clue today and also martin got the infos today ( the r8723 has a 3 state Wlan_disable pin / low -> sdio on wlan off , open-> sdio off , high -> sdio on wlan on )
  4. @balbes150 i found the clue for wifi (rtl8723bs) problem with my box and maybe i can get a fix with the help from Martin , its abig step to have onboard wifi work in kernel5 for me , please can you make a new image when martin and i find the fix , i would like move my linux server to the kernel 5
  5. @balbes150 some more information from Armbian Update. Ver 20200506 , Sometimes Restart did not work ( it stop with black screen and watchdog0 do not stop or meson@sdhc busy CMD25) another thing is that after screensaver activate (hdmi goes blank and you wake up the box) the screen has a rosa overlay over all and it do not go away ( only with restart of the box)
  6. @balbes150 i tested the new LE , first boot my box with m8s.dtb now , HDMI work , wlan0 are detected and load but also the old 2014 driver (there make the problems ) eth0 detected and dhcp work but still no internet access (no add-on repro found / can not connect ) , did you need any logs or infos ?
  7. @balbes150 i found a problem inside 5.7rc4 dts file for m8s error at usb@9c90040000 dr_mode="Peripheral" do not work , old setting dr_mode="host" work (i have wrote Martin already)
  8. Thank you very much , works really good , rt8723bs is now detected , some more poblem maybe wifi driver or some gpio , but i am in contact with martin
  9. @balbes150 i wrote yesterday with martin and he told me that he release a new patch for SDIO/MX/MMC controller on 04.05 or 03.05 please can you inform me when your new Image has this patch inside ?
  10. i tested it , first try m8s.dtb , HDMI ok , bootscreen and menu works , wlan (externel usb rtl 888x) was detected and wifi found but can not connect to router , mouse/keyboard are a bit slow like a mini lag (your 5.7 desktop is more responsive) , too fast clicking (reconnect to wlan ) ended with crash to bootlogo and freeze , i did not see wpa supplicant folder maybe thats the wifi problem , ! anything other i should test inside image ?
  11. thanks to you and martin ; where do you have the image yandisk s8xx ? or yandisk Armbian S812 ?
  12. OK i had same idea and use old dts part and take it to new dts for wifi but still no luck
  13. @balbes150 ok next try fresh sd card mxiii-plus.dtb its boot to librelec logo and shell , wait about 20 minutes with several restart of box but ,no desktop mx8.dtb same behavior like befor , same uart log from last time , black screen no boot libreelec mxiii-plus 20minutes.txt
  14. i start with a fresh flash of sd card and make a new run
  15. first try was headless after you question i connect to my Samsung TV ( FHD 32 inch) with meson8m2-m8s.dtb it is like above no output , same error with meson8m2-mxiii-plus.dtb i got libreelec logo and shell but after 30 sek restart and than shutdown (log attached) error was [ 73.004257] [1087]: Failed to unmount /flash: Device or resource busy [ 73.010621] systemd-shutdown[1]: Failed to finalize file systems, loop devices, ignoring [ 73.044806]QA9:A;SVN:74E;POC:3FF;STS:0;BOOT:0;INIT:0;READ:0;CHECK:0;PASS:0; than restart [ 76.956916] [1135]: Failed to unmount /flash: Device or resource busy [ 76.963401] systemd-shutdown[1]: Failed to finalize file systems, loop devices, ignoring than shutdown
  16. UART LOG with meson8m2-m8s.dtb and log file with meson8m2-mxiii.dtb and meson8m2-mxiii-plus.dtb are same
  17. @balbes150 would you like to have log files here or another thread ? , both libreelec dtb m8s and mxii do not work for my box
  18. wow nice to see , please i would like test libreelec , is the change back to ambian without problems ? i read that sometime people start libreelec and than have problems booting armbian again on 3.xx kernel
  19. @Emulti It looks like you have a lot of experience with DTS/DTB, I'm still trying to activate my wlan chip(RTL8723) that runs on SDIO. I've already taken a lot of information from the DTS in the kernel 3.xx but it's still not recognized(IRQ ; GPIO; SELECT PIN). Have you already read or reached something in this direction ?
  20. yes now all clear , sometimes blind on the eys
  21. sorry but inside also only the dts like torvalds linux for odroid , mxiii, neox8 ; the dts for meson8m2-m8s missing
  22. @balbes150please can i get the orginal dts file that you use for meson8m2-m8s.dtb from your 20.05 (kernel 5.6)
  23. @balbes150 i did not get wifi work with dts/dtb files , when i use dts from github linux ( inclusive precompile with cpp) i always get "deferred probe " loop , with dtb(from image) to dts and than edit -> i got "SDIO MMC failed highspeed mode " . it looks like many of the needed lines for wifi in meson8m2-m8s.dtb are there, like SDIO Slot 0 and Wifi32k Timer/PWM and ResetGPIO but still nothing show up ( i can not find all information because dtb to dts are not 100% same as orginal dts ). also some option have negativ effects to the box i needed 5 restart from the old 3.10 kernel image because of sdio timeout and gpio32 loops now works again i think i stay at old image till someone get onboard wifi work again in newer 5.x kernel version . maybe you can get me the orginal dts (maybe precompile) file for m8s that is inside your image ?
  24. be carfull it looks like for the new 4.xx(19.xx) and 5.xx(20.xx) Kernel Version from balbes150
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