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  1. like i wrote befor my box Akimso M8s S812 ( label as m812+) 2GB RAM 8GB ROM RTL8723BS WIFI/Bluetooth HDMI SPdif AV(4pin) IR-Remote i know its a clone ( only 19€ at amazon)
  2. Also i notice that your m8s dtb had only 12kb the old n200dtb 22kb
  3. can you please descripte how to controll LED ?
  4. i take a new SD Card i got follow error random stop at PWM Blue LED some SD Card read error or maybe image problem GPIO 32 error log file att. "your MEGA.co Link is password protectt" kernel test 4.11 m8s dtb 2 .log kernel test 4.11 m8s dtb.log
  5. yandex have only 43kb/s , i download file during night , i will test tomorrow evening
  6. ok another reflash of sd card and dhcp client work , this time NTP start befor dhclient and run fine , now wlan internet work.!!!!
  7. thank you , after a long day and complet new flash of sdcard i got bcm unload and realtek load ( problem was a misspelling blacklist.conf) , now i stuck at next problem dhcp (dhclient) dont work. dhcp run 5 min than stop without any ip .
  8. thank you ubuntu works how i can disable download ? , i could set up eth0 and ssh , i have a wlan0 adapter but it dont find any signal ( maybe its possible to integrate the RTL8723BS driver from the S9xx (mini M8s) rom to the S812 rom )
  9. i make some UART log files for my rom problems https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_XvIiyAvIIlcHEwY19PZjIwVDA?usp=sharing
  10. hello @balbes150 thanks for your work my box Akimso M8s S812+ 2GB RAM 8GB ROM RTL8723BS WIFI my problem the multiboot script run fine i boot from USB and SD card fine i have UART USB adapter i have android 4.4 root i have try many dtb and S8x jessy xfc and server rom and s9x jessy server rom all boot all boot the rom but than i got stuck with some dtb i got till hdmitx cec: wait for cec not ready or i got till GPIO 32 error irq in used and than a loop of starting and closing the CPU1 and 2 and the GPIO 32 and the IRQ please help i am windows user and only the beginning of linux
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