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    matt407 reacted to zanzibar in [Odroid C2] Ethernet interface meson8b-dwmac lockup on medium traffic   
    Issue fixed with Armbian (19.11.3) and kernel upgrade to 5.3.11.
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    matt407 reacted to guidol in [Odroid C2] Ethernet interface meson8b-dwmac lockup on medium traffic   
    Hmmm. I dont use sshfs - but samba/cifs and I copied
    -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 1031158598 Nov 12  2015  Starfighter.mp4
    from my video-share
    [ 6151.533916] CIFS: Attempting to mount //
    without any errors to the local sdcard.
    I did compile today the following current version:
    Armbian Buster with Linux 5.3.13-meson64 package bsp-kernel[19.11.3] u-boot[19.11.3] dtb[19.11.3] firmware[19.11.3] config[19.11.3] branch[current]  
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    matt407 reacted to ynotssor in Special considerations upgrading Debian release (Stretch to Buster)?   
    As root:
    cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.backup sed -i 's|stretch|buster|g' /etc/apt/sources.list apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y dist-upgrade It takes awhile, and welcome to Buster.
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    matt407 reacted to Bramani in Special considerations upgrading Debian release (Stretch to Buster)?   
    I would not call it experience, but I did indeed do such an upgrade on a Tinkerboard last weekend.
    They should. Any sorts of hiccups may happen in your environment. I would suggest to:
    1. Backup your data: "No backup, no pity."
    2. Locate any *.dpkg-dist and *.dpkg-old files on your system and deal with them before doing anything else.
    3. Read the Debian upgrade guide very carefully. Follow the references, too, especially those in "4.1. Preparing for the upgrade". 
    4. Execute just one step at a time, check for errors, do not continue until you are sure the action was successful. Else eliminate errors first or at least verify they really are negligible. Always keep your config files, do not let the installer overwrite them with newer versions from the packages! Deal with them during the next step.
    5. Do not forget to locate *.dpkg-dist and *.dpkg-old files afterwards, diff the relating config files and either merge or otherwise handle the differences.
    6. Double check the Kernel installation before attempting to reboot.
    No guarantees. - However, the upgrade procedure is relatively safe, if your system is in a sane state and you follow the guide precisely.
    One note, though: It might be more efficient and faster to backup your data and rebuild the system from scratch, that is, from a clean Armbian Buster image, and just restore your data afterwards. Consider if it is really worth the effort. (In a professional environment, I habe always denied requests to upgrade for several reasons, one of them was deployment being at least as fast or even faster than any in-place upgrades.)
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    matt407 reacted to TonyMac32 in Use GPIO on C2 with Mainline Kernel   
    @sgjava I've put spidev with both chip-selects on the C2 and K2 in the expected spi0 position for the dev kernels.  We'll see about images here in a bit.  @Igor gets to make that call.  
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    matt407 reacted to TonyMac32 in Le Potato Serial Getty on ttys0 starts, stops restarts   
    The C2 was using a different recipe for a while that might still have ttyS0 hiding in it, I have a few irons on the fire at the moment, I'll take a look if I get a moment
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    matt407 reacted to tkaiser in Banana PI BPI-W2   
    Dear @Nora Lee,
    since you're the BPi product manager I guess by not answering my question above but spamming other forums with irrelevant links you confirm that you're not able to provide bootloader and kernel sources for your W2 'closed source router', true? 
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    matt407 reacted to tkaiser in Odroid C2 - update to v5.44 / v5.45 not working?   
    Your installation is on 5.45
    What Armbian displays with Igor's motd stuff is broken. That's all. The motd routine displays a meaningless version number based on one package's version that does not get updated every time Armbian's version number increases. It's only there to confuse people and generate unnecessary support efforts. Don't expect this to be fixed :-)