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    sunzone got a reaction from TRS-80 in Test new xradio firmware   
    I have observed kernel panics using xradio driver before. Check Opizero wifi kernel hang
    I decided to test it with this driver.
    Summary: No improvements

    Ap mode
    No kernel panics were observed during 1 day when running only on AP mode.
    However, when Orange Pi is rebooted in AP mode, kernel panic was observed.
    After running 5 Orange Pi devices, after 60 average reboots, Kernel panic occurred for all devices.
    [   25.238909] xradio WSM-ERR: CMD timeout!>>> 0x0006 (16), buf_use=1, bh_state=0 [   25.247990] xradio WSM-ERR: bh error!>>> 0x0006 (12) [   25.254591] xradio WSM-ERR: bh error!>>> 0x0006 (12) [   25.261367] xradio WSM-ERR: bh error!>>> 0x0012 (16) [   25.266375] xradio STA-ERR: wsm_set_tx_queue_params failed! [   25.271979] xradio WSM-ERR: bh error!>>> 0x0012 (16) [   25.276963] xradio STA-ERR: wsm_set_tx_queue_params failed! [   25.282555] xradio WSM-ERR: bh error!>>> 0x0012 (16) [   25.287536] xradio STA-ERR: wsm_set_tx_queue_params failed! [   25.293128] xradio WSM-ERR: bh error!>>> 0x0012 (16) [   25.298109] xradio STA-ERR: wsm_set_tx_queue_params failed! [   42.299138] rcu: INFO: rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU [   42.304730] rcu:     1-....: (1 GPs behind) idle=21e/1/0x40000002 softirq=3544/3545 fqs=2623 [   74.743671] rcu: INFO: rcu_sched detected expedited stalls on CPUs/tasks: { 1-... } 5569 jiffies s: 129 root: 0x2/. [   74.754140] rcu: blocking rcu_node structures: Same error was observed in old firmware.
    Client mode
    No kernel panics were observed during 1 day when connected to an AP with a non-changing channel.
    Running in Client mode and changing AP’s channel result in similar kernel panic.
    But this occurred rarely. Running 5 Orange pi zero devices and changing channel continuously 72 times, lead to a Kernel panic only on 1 device.
    Running in Client mode, and rebooting also result in Kernel panic.
    It took an average of 200 reboots for the Kernel panic for 5 Orange Pi Zero Devices.

    Same error occurred on all situations.
    Hope this helps.
    This is how I tested.

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    sunzone got a reaction from MMGen in Full root filesystem encryption on an Armbian system (NEW, replaces 2017 tutorial on this topic)   
    I will look into that.
    Edit: building Armbian with the CRYPTROOT_ENABLE option works
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    sunzone reacted to Carlos Garcés in Update rtl8189FS driver.   
    Hi have send all my changes to the jwrdegoede repository.
    I haven't merge the last PR just in case someone add some feedback
    Compilation logs
    I'll merge the PR tonight if I not receive negative comments.
    Feel free to use that new version on Armbian kernel. Unfortunately I can't provide a change log.
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    sunzone got a reaction from Tido in OPi Zero: xradio_wlan driver Kernel hang   
    Just a follow up
    After changing the driver software some places and testing, without any in-depth understanding about this chip, I was not able to stop kernel hang on X-radio wifi driver.
    I noticed problems with xradio in 2 modes.
    1) When using xradio  in AP mode: kernel hang, reboot -f does not work
    2) Using xradio in concurrent mode: kernel hang
    In either cases AP mode had the problem.
    I decided to stop using the xradio for good after all the testing.
    I stopped xradio module loading from boot: commented out 'xradio_wlan' from /etc/modules file
    I blacklisted xradio driver by adding  'blacklist xradio_wlan' to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file
    After that there were no kernel hangs or 'reboot -f' problems.
    I use an external wifi module now. I have tested about 8 wifi modules now and I will make another post with my results and experience of them.
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    sunzone reacted to Tido in OPi Zero: xradio_wlan driver Kernel hang   
    If you are familiar with IRC, I would carefully try to get some hints over here: https://linux-sunxi.org/IRC
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    sunzone got a reaction from Tido in OPi Zero: xradio_wlan driver Kernel hang   
    Thanks, @Tido for the links.
    [20149.090066] [<bfb2d42d>] (wsm_handle_rx [xradio_wlan]) from [<bfb29e05>] (xradio_bh_exchange+0x27c/0x588 [xradio_wlan])
    In the error logs, it seems program stalled on wsm_handle_rx in xradio_wlan.
    I found the official xradio_wlan driver to be fifteenhex

    I checked the fifteenhex wlan_driver code for "wsm_handle_rx" and found this line in wsm.c

    It seems like kernel hang is done on purpose.
    After commenting out this section, I recompiled the xradio_wlan.ko module driver and retested.
    After running 11 the OrangePi Zeros with the new xradio driver, connected to a router which changes its channel occasionally when multiple devices are connected, 5 OPis stop responding. 
    I ran the test overnight. I tested after connecting all OPis through the serial port (COM).

    @zador.blood.stained @Tido @martinayotte any idea how I can further test the driver to stop the kernel hang?
    p.s: I am ok with the dropped packets of the driver.
    Thank You.
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    sunzone reacted to martinayotte in I break my Orangepi one   
    The service is "armbian-resize-filesystem" ...
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