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Update rtl8189FS driver.


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rtl8189FS was added on august and the version at include/rtw_version.h is v4.3.18.1_15373.20151005



At http://linux-sunxi.org/Wifi#RTL8189FTV I see that the recommended repository is https://github.com/jwrdegoede/rtl8189ES_linux/tree/rtl8189fs


That repository use v4.3.24_15589.20151023


There is also newer versions, now I'm patching v4.3.24.6_20019.20161107



Any one has tested this newer versions? maybe @martinayotte ?


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Check forum guidelines to use maximum potential!

That's strange,  jwrdegoede has newer versions than that one.


@Igor I see that you have starred CGarces/rtl8189FS at GitHub. Is just  fork from khadas/android_hardware_wifi_realtek_drivers_8189ftv but patched to works on x86 and newer kernels.


I'm looking for a "upstream" repository to send my changes, I'm not planing to made other fork of the very fragmented RTL drivers ecosystem.


My first option is jwrdegoede repository, please check this repository instead of CGarces/rtl8189FS




Is the jwrdegoede repository + two new versions from the code of khadas (but keeping the jwrdegoede modifications).


You can see the current status of the builds there




Don't worry about the compilation errors, all have a patch ready to be applied.

I'm planing to send a PR with the new versions to jwrdegoede + and additional PR with the fixes for specific kernels.


Any feedback are welcome.



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Hi have send all my changes to the jwrdegoede repository.


I haven't merge the last PR just in case someone add some feedback




Compilation logs




I'll merge the PR tonight if I not receive negative comments.


Feel free to use that new version on Armbian kernel. Unfortunately I can't provide a change log.

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