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    TornadoZX reacted to Igor in PCDuino 3 Nano armbian alternative   
    Build one - this board is supported within build tools, but we don't give you warranty that boots. Use EXPERT="yes" when building an image to get access to boards outside support.
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    TornadoZX reacted to NicoD in PCDuino 3 Nano armbian alternative   
    Oh, I'm sorry.
    Is there any reason why you would want another A20 board? It's an old SoC. Support for it is going to dwindle.
    If you'd like to stay with Allwinner then an H3/H5/H6 board would have a lot longer lifetime/support.
    I believe you want SATA. I don't know that many boards with sata on-board. The Orange Pi +2 has an H3 and SATA and is supported.
    You could also go for an SBC with USB3 and connect your drivers over USB3-SATA. Then an H6 might be good. I like the Pine H64 model B the most. But it's still in development fase.
    The RK3399's are more expensive, but bring a lot more connectivity. The NanoPi M4 for example has PCIe over GPIO's what can fit a 4 x SATA hat. It's hot 2 USB3 controllers for each 2 ports.

    All I can find that's supported in Armbian with the A20 + SATA is the Olimex Lime 2 and the Cubietruck. I do not know those boards or board makers. Maybe someone else knows more about A20 boards.
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    TornadoZX got a reaction from NicoD in PCDuino 3 Nano armbian alternative   
    Thanks, that's basically what I'm trying to achieve. I've downloaded the pre-made OMV 4 cubietruck image. It boot, usb and hdmi works. Will try others.
    That's interesting but the price, 2GB RAM + SATA + BOARD is 90$ - to expensive and if try putting 4 drives which are not 2.5" that doesn't make sense at all compared to an generic x86 mobo. I've moved all of my sata drives to 2 servers (since I already have all of the components), they give more place to play around and you can host VMs. I have now 3 alwinner boards. Orange PI PC + PI ONE + PCDuino 3 Nano. The ONE is used as pi-hole and will be used as vpn gateway probably. Still makes room for the other two boards to run something less resource intensive.  =)
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    TornadoZX reacted to guidol in ESPTerm - a nice Idea fore the Debug-Port   
    Yesterday I came across the following - for me - fine project (Demo-Page):
    ESPTERM Release 2.3.0 Cricket
    Its a VT100-Webpage-Terminal on a ESP8266-Microcontroller which opens a Accesspoint.
    You could connect via this VT100-Webpage-Terminal to the TTL-Port of the ESP8266.
    TTL-Connection is done (like allways in TTL-Connections) with RX,TX and GND
    I connected my Orange Pi R1 via TTL and 115200 Baud and could "work" at a (max.) Terminal-Size of 80x25
    (80x25 is max. in the downloadable binary - if you do compile by yourself mor is possible.... 132x50 would be fine )
    So if you have a misconfigured Network-Connection (missed the /24 in the IP of the server in nmtui) and you dont want to use a USB-serial-Dongle because every Dongle wats its own driver  - here a second solution

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    TornadoZX reacted to Igor in Cubieboard 2 does not start after Armbian 5.35 in headless mode   
    Try one more thing - downgrade u-boot to this one: http://apt.armbian.com/pool/main/l/linux-u-boot-cubieboard2-next/linux-u-boot-next-cubieboard2_5.31_armhf.deb
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