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    frozeus reacted to martinayotte in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    What would be this second patch for the U-Boot "reset" ?
    EDIT : for the "reboot" patch, I'm confirming : it works ! Thanks a lot to both @froezus and @megi !!!
    EDIT2 : tested on all my H6, OPiOne+/OPiLite2/OPi3 ... And patch committed in Armbian !
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    frozeus reacted to Werner in .
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    frozeus reacted to jernej in Beelink GS1 Allwinner H6   
    can you check if hdmi works after applying ?
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    frozeus got a reaction from chwe in H6 boards: Orange Pi One Plus, Orange Pi 3 Plus and Pine H64   
    EDIT: There is lot of pictures here also :
    2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC