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    Werner reacted to Igor in External hard drive freezes OS/not working   
    If you don't power it via powered hub, its almost certainly this. Those USB ports are not delivering sufficient power.
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    Werner got a reaction from Igor in Armbian IRC chat   
    We registered the #armbian channel on the OFTC IRC network. It has been added to the bridge so message will be relayed to Libera and Discord.
    Depending on how frequently it will be used other channels like those for SoC or off-topic will be added later. Thanks @yang for the suggestion
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    Werner reacted to andrewz1 in nanopi-r4s, enp1s0 ethernet device not found after reboot   
    The root of cause is not controller itself, but pcie phy. It's not properly initialized on module init. So when device is cold-booted (after power on) phy stay in "factory" state, but after warm reboot phy stay in "power_on" state and prevent any training.
    Patch https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/4308/files works because after first fail phy reset by pcie driver.
    https://github.com/andrewz1/rk3399-pcie-phy this is updated phy module and dtb overlay for switch to it (I just changed name). This is just proof of concept.
    patch attached (tested on edge kernel)
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    Werner reacted to Spooky in OrangePi 5 Plus + official Wi-Fi and bluetooth R6 (Realtek RTL8852BE-CG BE CPU) does not work   
    This WiFi + Bluetooth card should now fully work on the legacy kernel. Bluetooth was fixed by the below commit. Users may need to install armbian-firmware-full to get the required firmware.

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    Werner got a reaction from Coolzero1982 in Cubitruck upgrade from Buster to Bookworm   
    Unfreeze firmware via armbian-config.
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    Werner got a reaction from Ajcn in Orange Pi 5 Plus   
    If there is none you have to build it by yourself: https://github.com/armbian/build
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    Werner got a reaction from Tuan Nguyen in Support for Realtek RTD1395   
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    Werner reacted to Peter Gregory in Orange PI PC + 3+3 watt amp power issues   
    I finally got a configuration that works.  I got a 5v 4amp wall power supply to run the Orange PI PC
    I connected my amp power to the 2 5v header pins and 2 and pins.
    I connected the audio jack's L and R & common ground using the SMD pads instead of an audio plug (My plug was stereo and was shorting the video out to audio channels)
    I put the audio signals through a audio isolation transformer to get rid of the ground loop current and filter out the big pop when the audio codec kicks on
    That's it!
    The 4a is strong enough to run the board and the amp without significant voltage drop on high power usage (~200ma draw from amp)
    The isolation transformers eliminate the ground loop hum and chatter from the board operations.
    The audio is clean and loud.
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    Werner reacted to SteeMan in usb port not working since last kernel update   
    Just because someone (dietpi) forks Armbian, doesn't give credit to armbian, and doesn't contribute back to Armbian, doesn't mean that Armbian can then support their end users.  We have no idea what dietpi has done to their code after forking off of armbian, so we again can't help you.  Complain to those that can/should be providing you support.  We can't.  Of course you always have the option to install a genuine Armbian build.  That doesn't mean that this will get magically fixed, but at least we will not completely ignore your request.
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    Werner reacted to SteeMan in usb port not working since last kernel update   
    I agree that this branding is confusing for end users.
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    Werner reacted to Josh Blackburn in Using SPI on Orange Pi 5   
    I had apparently enabled UART3_M0 at some point, which does indeed conflict with SPI4_M0, disabling UART3 worked. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
    Apologies, I will be sure to include that log in future posts. 
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    Werner reacted to amazingfate in Video playback broken with Jammy 23.8 + panfork?   
    lunar will soon be out of date. I will add support for the next LTS release.
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    Werner reacted to amazingfate in Video playback broken with Jammy 23.8 + panfork?   
    A rebuild of vlc or mpv can use the new libavcodec60 package in ppa. I'm going to upload new packages to trigger rebuild.
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    Werner reacted to silencer in Tips for choosing my first cheap TV box?   
    I run Armbian on TV box and Diet Pi on other SBCs. As appreciative as I am of the Armbian project, I don't think anyone should purposely buy a TV box to run Armbian when there are properly supported SBCs. TV boxes should only be used if you having one lying around.
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    Werner reacted to dirkhh in Mirrors are unreliable, causing frequent failures of installs / upgrades   
    thanks for the pointers. I'll look at the code and see if I can contribute some improvements.
    really appreciate the responsiveness!
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    Werner reacted to Gunjan Gupta in orangepi 3B - OS download   
    Moved to rockchip forum as this is not an Allwinner board
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    Werner reacted to SteeMan in SPI: spidev 0.0 and spidev0.1 do not work simultaneously   
    Topic moved and appropriate tag added.
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    Werner reacted to Carmella Benton in Big thank you to the Armbian developers / "success story"   
    I had bought a NanoPi R4S with the goal of installing IPfire.
    Unfortunately that was too complicated for me https://wiki.ipfire.org/hardware/arm/friendlyelec/nanopi-r4s
    I had now installed Armbian and NextCloud and I am very satisfied. In about 10 hours I had "my own cloud". Therefore a very warm and big thank you to the Armbian developers.
    Only thanks to the Armbian, I can look over the Raspberry horizon.
    I wish you a very pleasant week
    Best regards
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    Werner reacted to SteeMan in Orange Pi Zero 3   
    That would not be an armbian image then if it didn't come from official Armbian sources.  So this isn't really the place to discuss non-armbian builds.
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    Werner got a reaction from mc510 in Is apt offering 23.08 firmware, etc?   
    use armbian-config to freeze firmware packages. Then they will not be upgraded on regular apt upgrade.
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    Werner reacted to Gunjan Gupta in Can you swap SD cards between devices?   
    Yeah, I think that should work fine. Why, are you facing any issues when doing the same?
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    Werner reacted to Gunjan Gupta in WiFi works when eth0 plugged in fails after disconect   
    Could you please share the logs? Pull your ethernet out while wifi is working. Once the wifi stops working, plug the ethernet back in and run armbianmonitor -u to upload the logs. Then share the URL here. 
    I have already created a PR to fix the wifi, it should get pulled in a few days. Then probably you can get the kernel from beta.armbian.com repository. But still I will try this out tomorrow on the newer kernel to see to make sure it doesn't have similar issue.
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    Werner reacted to Nike RossXP in WARNING: Update to 23.8.1 Bullseye with Linux 6.1.47-current-sunxi64 breaks WiFi   
    23.02.0 version is worked, bytheway
    and i switched to nightly builds, installed legacy kernel (23.11.0 trunk 107) and it's worked too
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    Werner got a reaction from lalakii is in 【Orange Pi Zero 3】Is the content of the error or warning output by the kernel of a serious nature?   
    Armbian does not provide images for this board nor does it support it (yet). The OS you are using comes from a 3rd party. So I suggest to ask for support where you got the image from.
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    Werner got a reaction from SteeMan in Plans for RISC-V boards like BeagleV, Nezha RISC-V SBC and Allwinner D1 SBC?   
    You must be either poor or selfish (or both) to abuse open source projects that are living from donations themselves to beg for money. I have never seen such a behaviour before...
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