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    Werner got a reaction from meymarce in Is the eMMC chip on my NAS dead ?   
    It probably would too but I forgot that it has one built in
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    Werner got a reaction from Saru in X96 mini   
    CSC stands for community supported configuration which means somebody took time to make Armbian work on specific device. However the device may not have an active maintainer that takes care of future kernel versions and supporting so it could break any time with upgrading since Armbian often does not even have a sample of the device in the lab to make basic functional tests. Also if something breaks and nobody is around that knows the device and how to fix it it stays broken. Armbian developers may/can/will not help.
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    Werner reacted to Cornelius in Hirsute no ethernet after update   
    I haven't noticed any eth related problems on 5.13.y and RK3399, but when moving to 5.14.y I also found that eth no longer worked. I corrected the issue by reverting the following commit: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/2d26f6e39afb88d32b8f39e76a51b542c3c51674
    I understand its not a true fix. This was tested on the NanoPC-T4.
    --- a/drivers/net/ethernet/stmicro/stmmac/dwmac-rk.c 2021-09-12 03:01:00.000000000 -0400 +++ b/drivers/net/ethernet/stmicro/stmmac/dwmac-rk.c 2021-09-14 07:19:24.402736613 -0400 @@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ #include <linux/delay.h> #include <linux/mfd/syscon.h> #include <linux/regmap.h> +#include <linux/pm_runtime.h> #include "stmmac_platform.h" @@ -1528,6 +1529,9 @@ return ret; } + pm_runtime_enable(dev); + pm_runtime_get_sync(dev); + if (bsp_priv->integrated_phy) rk_gmac_integrated_phy_powerup(bsp_priv); @@ -1536,9 +1540,14 @@ static void rk_gmac_powerdown(struct rk_priv_data *gmac) { + struct device *dev = &gmac->pdev->dev; + if (gmac->integrated_phy) rk_gmac_integrated_phy_powerdown(gmac); + pm_runtime_put_sync(dev); + pm_runtime_disable(dev); + phy_power_on(gmac, false); gmac_clk_enable(gmac, false); }  
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    Werner got a reaction from lanefu in Make forum messages friendlier -- 2021 Edition!   
    Thankfully there is the -U fallback option
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    Werner got a reaction from Myron in The LED1 and LED2 on the BanabaPi Pro. How do I get them to show MMC card usage and the watchdog heart beat?   
    I usually do the noob way finding the trigger files for LEDs
    code { font-family: Consolas,"courier new"; color: crimson; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2); padding: 2px; font-size: 105%; } du -a /sys | grep led | grep trigger
    I don't know what trigger is needed for mmc but heartbeat is self-explaining. code { font-family: Consolas,"courier new"; color: crimson; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2); padding: 2px; font-size: 105%; } echo heartbeat > trigger
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    Werner reacted to balbes150 in Board Bring Up Station P2 rk3568, M2 rk3566   
    New version of images 20210915-edge with 5.15.0-rc1 kernel.
    Please note, this version does not have an HDMI output, control is performed via SSH or UART. The wired network works, both LAN1 and LAN2 interfaces work on P2, M2 - LAN1.
    Please note that this is the primary test version and unpredictable behaviors are possible.
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    Werner got a reaction from gounthar in Seed our torrents   
    The size requirements have been updated.
    Since we now share images with various desktop environments as well the size of all torrents have now grown to around 500GB.
    To become future-proof again the free space requirement has been raised to 1TB.
    For those who did not notice yet. It became rather simple to become an Armbian http/s mirror as well if you do not like torrent stuff: https://github.com/armbian/mirror
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    Werner got a reaction from gounthar in OrangePi Zero2 - Allwinner H616   
    LIB_TAG has nothing to do with kernel branches. You should always build from master unless you know what you do or being told otherwise.
    I suggest to start over with a clean workspace since I yesterday successfully built an OPi02 bullseye legacy image without issues.
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    Werner reacted to CryBaby in Board Bring Up Station P2 rk3568, M2 rk3566   
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    Werner got a reaction from Pedro Lamas in Bullseye: Automatic upgrade when unstable becomes stable?   
    Unfortunately userspace upgrades like Bionic to Focal or Stretch to Buster have never been officially supported by Armbian due to lack of resources for proper testing. It probably works if you freeze your firmware packages and follow official Ubuntu/Debian guide how to upgrade but if something goes wrong you won't receive help from Armbian.
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    Werner got a reaction from gounthar in Board Bring Up Station P1 rk3399, M1 rk3328   
    Kind a sucks working with a crude estimated model.... @Winguo  can you provide a STEP model for the MEZZ M2 POE expansion board?

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    Werner got a reaction from Pedro Lamas in Bullseye: Automatic upgrade when unstable becomes stable?   
    No. If you run bullseye simply wait until rootfs updates support status to supported. Things are prepared already: https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/f61f560510b8a4ba012209f27c0b3e44909232ef
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    Werner reacted to NicoD in Videos : What it takes to maintain Armbian   
    Hi all.
    I've done a collaboration with @Igor, the creator of Armbian.
    He shows and talks about the hardware that is used to maintain the project. Servers, boards, other electronics, ...

    More videos to come.
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    Werner reacted to lanefu in Distribute armbian without pre-installed non-free software (iozone3)   
    I believe the -minimal images do not include armbianmonitor or armbian-confg and would probably satisfy that desire.
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    Werner got a reaction from lanefu in Distribute armbian without pre-installed non-free software (iozone3)   
    iozone3 is used within armbianmonitor tool. That is the reason why it comes pre-installed.
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    Werner reacted to aprayoga in Kobol Team is pulling the plug ;(   
    Hi everyone, thank you for all of your support.
    I'll be still around but not in full time as before.
    I saw Helios64 has several issues in this new release. I will start looking into it.
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    Werner reacted to ebin-dev in Upgrading to Bullseye (troubleshooting Armbian 21.08.1)   
    Armbian is a community driven project. This is not about trying to find someone to blame, but trying to solve issues by pointing to alleged sources of the trouble.
    And indeed community support is there as you can see in this thread - it could be stronger though.
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    Werner reacted to NicoD in Video : Armbian Hirsute XFCE4 - What's new, fixes, tips and benchmarks   
    Hi all. I've just finished a new video about Armbian Hirsute XFCE4.
    I show what's new. Mostly the feel and look are a bit more modern.
    Here is my video.
    Some other notes I've got :

    Memory usage buster < focal < hirsute xfce4 < budgie < cinnamon CPU performance buster < hirsute < focal xfce4 < cinnamon < budgie So Buster xfce uses the least memory. And is also the slowest.
    Hirsute is quite a bit slower than Focal, and uses more memory. I do find the newer looks worth the price.
    Here my benchmarks :
    Fix missing network sudo apt install gvfs-backends Download SBC-Bench wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ThomasKaiser/sbc-bench/master/sbc-bench.sh Execute SBC-Bench sudo /bin/bash ./sbc-bench.sh -c 7zip all cores 7z b 7zip small core taskset -c 0 7z b 7zip big core taskset -c 5 7z b NicoD Blender blender -b NicoD.xx.blend -f 0 SuperTuxKart 1080p full screen, show fps, choose soccer game with tux and grassfield. Average frames. Max temp Maximum temperature during blender NicoD render Board | SBC-Bench | Distro | Clockspeeds | 7z all cores | 7z small core | 7z big core | CPU-Miner | NicoD-Blender | SuperTuxKart | Memory used at boot | Max temp NanoPi M4 2GB http://ix.io/3xnJ Armbian Hirsute xfce4 5.13.12 1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz 7760 1267 1857 10.05 14m41s 8fps 693MB 78C *** NanoPi M4 2GB http://ix.io/3xv3 Armbian Hirsute xfce4 5.13.12 1.5Ghz/2Ghz 8288 1348 2070 10.95 13m21s 8fps 693MB *** NanoPi M4 2GB http://ix.io/3xs3 Armbian Hirsute cinnamon 5.13.12 1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz 7766 1267 1851 10 14m33s 8fps 809MB 78C NanoPi M4 2GB http://ix.io/3xt0 Armbian Hirsute budgie 5.13.12 1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz 7941 1272 1863 10.05 14m24s/14m18s 8fps 757MB 78C NanoPi M4 2GB http://ix.io/3xtR Armbian Buster xfce4 4.4.213 1.5Ghz/2Ghz 8383 1359 1982 10.8 14m17s 530MB NanoPi M4 2GB http://ix.io/3xuf Armbian Buster xfce4 4.4.213 1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz 7879 1278 1807 10 15m20s 530MB NanoPi M4 2GB http://ix.io/3xux Armbian Focal xfce4 5.10.60 1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz 8028 1286 1859 10.27 13m29s 8fps 586MB *** NanoPi M4 2GB http://ix.io/3xuL Armbian Focal xfce4 5.10.60 1.5Ghz/2Ghz 8427 1351 2076 11.2 12m53s 8fps 638MB ***
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Armbian 21.08 has been released   
    Armbian is an established Linux for single board computers that is used in enterprise, IOT micro services and various hobby deployments. Recent desktop improvements bring the platform on-par with key players in the Linux desktop arena while keeping the key advantage – you can easily build your own Linux distribution.
    Armbian provides stable releases every three months. They are driven by CURRENT LTS kernel. Adventurers which likes rolling releases, can check EDGE releases which are using latest daily kernel builds with fresh packages from sid, hirsute or impish userland.
    Armbian has powerful build system which can build a whole Linux distribution, an OS image or a kernel. Key advantages are simplicity, speed and excellent hardware support. Provides native or cross compilation.
    This release is hard work of exceptional individuals who have contributed their time and expertise into this release. Many thanks to – in alphabetic order:

    @balbes150 @AristoChen @belegdol @Werner@Heisath @iav @Igor @Icenowy @lanefu @jock @piter75@Rich Neese@rpardini@going @tkaiser @tparys @TonyMac32 @Azq2 @henkiejan1 @juanesf @psztoch, @redchenjs @Uglymotha

    Special thanks to users and vendors @orangepi, @friendlyelec, @khadas and @olimex that understand the importance of our work and supports the project with donations of cash, hardware & expertise.

    minimal, server or XFCE, Cinnamon and Budgie desktop fast and effective automated language selection on first run regular stable and daily beta & EDGE updates CLI is powered with ZSH or BASH added automated kernel upgrade on EDGE 5.13.y kernels added mainline based SPI boot support for Odroid HC4 added Qemu virtual Armbian builds added CSC images for Tinkerboard 2, Rockpi N10, added ZFS upgrade to v2.1 improved Github Actions CI and CDN network added Cinnamon and Budgie desktop enabled 3D support wherever its possible and works reasonble well added Khadas VIM1-3 & Edge boards, Avnet Microzed enabled VPU support for Rockchip added legacy kernel support for OrangepiZero2, Nvidia Jetson declare Ubuntu Hirsute and Debian Bullseye packages as stable added Ubuntu Impish and Debian Sid as beta build targets added KDE plasma DE as a beta build target
    What’s Left
    long term armbian-config refactoring upgrading Rockchip u-boot from 2010.y to latest resolving Allwinner boot troubles on last u-boot enable 3D on Meson G12 / SM1 infrastructure improvements: mirros, runners, publishing.  
    Tough Decisions
    Odroid C4/HC4 boot problem has to remain unresolved in CURRENT 5.10.y kernel since fixing it would break Khadas boards. Problem was properly solved in EDGE kernel. We had to disable 3D on latest Amlogic boards due to instability Leaving behind published Deepin, Enlightenment, Gnome, i3, KDE plasma, Mate, Xmonad desktop due to space constrains and lack of maintenance. These options are still available within the build tool.  
    Known problems
    XFCE desktop is missing package gvfs-backends and xarchiver bullseye doesn’t properly detect locales Helios64 eMMC IO errors with CURRENT kernel OrangepiZero2 EDGE kernel based image doesn’t boot. Will be fixed in bug fix release.  
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    Werner reacted to balbes150 in Firefly Station P2 (rk3568) M2 (rk3566)   
    Good news. Full-fledged working images (20210826) of ArmbianTV for P2 are ready. All the equipment works in them and you can start and configure the system via an HDMI monitor and a keyboard/mouse. 
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    Werner got a reaction from legogris in Armbian (Debian Bulleye) - supported or not?   
    Yes,  Bullseye will be supported while Buster phases out but may take a few additional month to get things prepared.
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    Werner reacted to ygoe in SPI communication nonfunctional, no data received   
    I have found the solution. The bus number must be 1, not 0 as explained everywhere. This will create the device /dev/spidev1.0 instead of spidev0.0 and applications must be adapted. But with this modification I can access the SPI device.
    So here's the relevant overlay configuration in /boot/armbianEnv.txt:
    overlays=spi-spidev param_spidev_spi_bus=1  
    And the SPI interface can be used only under this path: /dev/spidev1.0
    Who knows where that bus number 0 leads to...
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    Werner reacted to jernej in Allwinner H6   
    Starting 5.12, no kernel patches are needed for H264. With 5.14 (due in about a week or two), only HEVC needs patches. Other supported codecs (MPEG2, VP8, H264) do not.
    You still have to make sure that you have enough CMA memory available. 4k videos can be pretty demanding in worst case. I would suggest 256 MiB just to be on the safe side.
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    Werner got a reaction from guidol in Armbian (Debian Bulleye) - supported or not?   
    Yes,  Bullseye will be supported while Buster phases out but may take a few additional month to get things prepared.
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    Werner reacted to SteeMan in CSC Armbian for RK3318/RK3328 TV box boards   
    @Jason Duhamell  Please don't post large files inline.  Use the "Spoiler" feature to hide long attachments (the icon that looks like an eyeball).  It makes it much easier to read these threads without having to scroll through large files.