Rock64 V3 will not boot Armbian

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Hello all!

I bought a Rock64 V3 and it wouldn't boot Armbian, not any other GNU/Linux based OS that I tried, I got in touch with Pine64 and they said:

>The issue on the SD boot on the ROCK64 SBC is the GPIO0_D6 (SDMMC0_PWREN) default needs to set high instead of lets this pin floating at Linux DT (Device Tree). The ROCK64 V3 has the high speed SD access design which can double boost up with proper software driver. We will advise developer to update the OS build (stock Android already implemented) accordingly.

>Please refer to ROCK64 SBC v3.0 Change Notice,
>Now the developer is work on it.  When the OS ready, the developer will update at Pine64 Forum. Please check on Pine64 Forum (
When is they estimate for when Armbian will support this new driver?
Thank you,
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