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PC2 Stuck at -> [ OK ] Started udev Coldplug all Devices.


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Hello, I can get 5.90 Bionic to boot, but Unifi needs an old mongodb.  Stretch 5.65 worked in the past, but 5.83 will not boot.


It hangs after "[ OK ] Started udev Coldplug all Devices."  I've tried many, many times. Any idea what this means?


I also can't get Stretch 5.65 to work again. It does not boot after a dist-upgrade :(

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3 hours ago, ryny24 said:


When you issue an upgrade, kernel gets upgraded and you get to the same situation as on latest images. It seems there are some problems in H5/A64 since there are a few similar reports. Investigation is needed ... (I am on vacations so can't help)

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