USB keyboard not working and other issues on Olinuxino 64

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So when I try to run the Buster image for Olinuxino64, after the initial U-Boot screen it spends some excessive time with lines

Starting version 241

(about a minute or two)

Begin: Running /scripts/local-premount ... Scanning for Brtfs filesystems. done.

(many minutes. Does it have anything to do with the fact I have some old data on the on-board eMMC?)

These appear on the splash screen with armbian logo via HDMI, not on the serial console.

When it finally boots, USB keyboard is not working (nor USB in general, dmesg shows nothing when i try to plug/unplug various devices)  and the system is very unstable... It took me several times to even run armbianmonitor -u as the system otherways crashed trying to run that.

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