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5.5inch HDMI AMOLED, 1080x1920

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I do some tests on a new display from WaveShare : 5.5inch HDMI AMOLED, 1080x1920



On the wiki, it's wrote : To use it on RaspberryPi, you must change the config.txt file for to ajuste hdmi parameters :







    hdmi_timings=1080 1 26 4 50 1920 1 8 2 6 0 0 0 60 0 135580000 3

I do it and that working fine

I add this to ajust resolution




But all that is on RasberryPI and i would like use it on BananaPI M1 on M2 zero

I tried to write it in armbianEnv.txt but the resolution of display haven't changed


How i can do that on BananaPi ?

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Armbian Linux community supported weekly builds download

Hi Charly,


While we're not so far from Christmas, I will maybe ask Santa Claus to bring me that screen :P

May I ask you some questions:

- are you happy with that screen ?

- Is it usable with a touch pen ?

- Does it need an additional power source through the micro usb port ?


Thank you. 

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That is a display with a very good quality of image

I haven't test it with a pen buy the reaction is very good with the finger ( test it on Xfce with police DPI at 150 )

For the power you must plug one USB for the touch screen and if your board can supply the standard 0.5A of USB, it's OK and work with just one USB
In my case, i would like to doing the crazy idea : doing a phone

In my test, the power needed is :
0.4A for the board ( RaspberryPi 3B+ ) + 0.4A for the screen => 0.8A on a battery is hard survive longtime

That can be better with a RaspberryPi Zero but there are no Wifi and Bluetooth

I would like use a BananaPI, maybe a BananaPi Zero

I don't known what happen during my test but actually the screen don't display any image :unsure:

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