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Hardware video acceleration on H5 cpu


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On 10/28/2019 at 1:50 PM, typeproto said:

but isn’t possibile use mali GPU yet?

MALI GPU is supported for about a year with opensource mesa drivers. Performance is not there but it works. 

Video acceleration has nothing to do with this. Do some searching:


It was developed but it has to be implemented or wait that feature lands to the mainline. This is open source and you are allowed to do that.

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32 minutes ago, typeproto said:

Can I use hardware acceleration on decode h264 mp4 video with cedrus?






31 minutes ago, typeproto said:

And how can install on ARMBIAN 4.19 kernel Orange pi pc2?

I would already tell you if this would be on the end user level (apt install) yet. Search forums - people were doing some tests and see if you can do something.

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