Which is the board that "suspend to RAM" works?

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v5.04 / 1.3.2016 section in https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/

says "suspend to RAM and resume by power button works now (consumption less than 0.4W without peripherals)".


I'm looking for the board that works "suspend to RAM".

I have a NanoPi NEO, but it seems not.


Please tell me if "suspend to RAM" works on your board.



suspend to RAM and wakeup instruction:


$ echo mem > /sys/power/state


then, press "power key".

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Hi miminashi,


Looking at it, I see that at that time and age armbian maintained what we call nowadays: stone age old Kernels like:

  • rebuilt Cubieboard 1 & 2 with 3.4.110 a
  • fixed Bluetooth on Cubietruck + rebuild with 3.4.110

the so called BSP Kernels 3.x (Board Support Package) are no longer supported by armbian. If you are willing to use such kernel with security issues and no longer maintained you might get "suspend to RAM" out of the box. If you prefer a current kernel you maybe carefully choose your SingleBoardComputer. Even better if you know C, you can help to get this for your board of choice running "suspend to RAM"  :-)


Do you know C ?

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