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Armbian for new Amlogic S905X3


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My device is a95x f3 air


Tryed to install armbian on sdcard without success.

Should I continue trying or I should wait to be supported?


Second question: 905x2 and 905x3 are very similar. Is it possible to succeed with x2 version? 

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I found the post that @NicoD mentioned above, in literally seconds looking around the TV Boxes forum, and I don't even own a TV Box nor trying to get one working, etc. Please look around, search, read on your own for some time before you make posts looking to be spoon fed.


In defense of the first 2 posts, the development of the above did not really begin until 2019-12-03 as can be seen by the post date.


At any rate, since this thread is not really providing anything useful (other than @NicoD redirect above, you should probably thank him BTW) I am locking it so people don't continue to post in here.

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