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Buster image for OPi 1+ works fine, with red light on


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Thanks for providing the new Buster image (5.4.7) for Orange Pi One Plus. All the essential stuff works well, giving me new software possibilities.


As a technical feedback, I'd just like to mention
1) the red light keeps shining (instead of turning green, but Armbian runs very well, anyway)
2) an attached monitor doesn't receive any signals (but I prefer SSH anyway)
3) the console keyboard layout wouldn't accept any changes (but using SSH, that doesn't make any difference now).


Everything else in armbian-config worked fine. Great tool!

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For 1: The red led can be turn off or used for any other purpose. I am not at home so I cannot tell you the exact location but simply do something like du -a /sys|grep led and search for the orangepi red led and trigger. For example you can do echo heartbeat > trigger and it should flicker.

For 2: Odd. As for me I never used the HDMI on it as I prefer SSH as well. Though you can give either an older or a newer dev build image a shot and check if anything changes. Makes it easier to track it down. You may also want to provide an armbianmonitor -u output here.

For 3: No idea.

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Good, concerning (1) the LEDs, du -a /sys|grep led gave me some interesting output (around 117 lines). After some testing, echo heartbeat > trigger worked well, and echo none > trigger – executed in folder /sys/class/leds/orangepi:red:power/– effectively switched off the red light.


In order to keep it off after reboot, I had to dig a bit and found some helpful hints on https://forum.armbian.com/topic/787-setting-onboard-leds-with-rclocal-or-systemd/

Finally, I managed to find a working solution by creating a file /etc/tmpfiles.d/leds.conf :

w /sys/class/leds/orangepi:red:power/trigger - - - - none
w /sys/class/leds/orangepi:red:power/brightness - - - - 0
w /sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:status/trigger - - - - default-on
w /sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:status/brightness - - - - 1

Setting the brightness of the red LED to zero was necessary to actually switch it off after reboot. Additionally, I tried to reduce the brightness of the green LED (reduced the value from 255 to 1). But I'm not sure, whether it actually changed much. Maybe some other configuration file or tool, I didn't come across, would be more adequate.

About (2) connecting a monitor I'm not sure, whether kernel and hardware work well together. When I tried a Ubuntu 16.04 image before, there was no output either. (In total, I tried two different monitors and cable connections.)


In respect to (3) the keyboard layout, the options dialog in armbian-config simply wouln't open.  I wonder, whether it's due to the SSH connection. If I knew more about keyboard configuration, I might adjust it by hand (just to  have it ready, in case at a later time monitor and keyboard could and should be used).

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The brightness thingy did not work for me either, maybe it is not even supported by the board.

I used the rc.local to echo 0 to the trigger to switch if off after the system booted.

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