Is it possible to tweak the build script to build one image on my H3 ?

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I tested to build some deb package yesterday on my Nanopi M1 and it went surprisingly good and quite fast so I wondered ...


I know that the documented way of building armbian is with a x64 computer (with Virtualbox / docker). As I already stated I don't have a big enough x64 computer at hand, would it be feasible to tweak the scripts to build one image (not all) using either my Nanopi M1 (but I guess 512Mo of RAM will be problematic) or a Banana Pi / Raspberry Pi 2 ?


If not, building uboot / kernel only ?


I started to read the scripts, there are many scripts and but I think I can understand many of them individually even if the global architecture is hard to follow.


I know that it's certainly not on Armbian's roadmap so I don't want the work done for me, I just want an honest opinion about my question.


Thanks in advance.

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I don't know what your financial constraints are, but launching a Ubuntu 14.04 AWS EC2 instance and running armbian builder on it is cake....and fast..    AKA $1 of cloud computing will save you a lot of time and effort.

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It's obviously possible to manually change the scripts to run on any board, but implementing this as an option will only make the code more complicated and harder to read.


In any case you need to start by editing "prepare_host" function in general.sh, removing checks and installation of toolchains and cross-compilation packages.


To compile kernel and u-boot you need to remove CROSS_COMPILE parameters from compile_uboot and compile_kernel functions in common.sh


To make an image you'll have to remove qemu binary installation and tweak debootstrap parameters in debootstrap-ng.sh. Also you may want to set KERNEL_COMPILER and UBOOT_COMPILER to an empty string in configuration.sh to use native GCC.

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