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tutorial How to enable RDP (xrdp) with Armbian so you can login from a Windows PC

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There's been a few guides around on how to get RDP working with Armbian so you can login from your Windows or other PC. Some solutions mentioned in various threads here were:


  • Install tightvncserver instead + x2go bloat (i.e. use VNC)
  • Only login as root - didn't seem to make any difference for me
  • Change some permissions of a log file in your home directory.


Well, this is what I did on my Orange PI PC running Buster desktop with Kernel 5.4, as of April 2020.


sudo apt install xrdp xorgxrdp
sudo systemctl enable xrdp
sudo reboot

... and that was it. The missing piece of the puzzel appeared to be the install of xorgxrdp, this isn't installed automatically by 'xrdp' package, and it's useless without it.



Update June 2020: Also works with RetroOrangePi 4.3 super quickly (given this is based on Armbian Bionic 18.04). Can RDP in and use Armbian Desktop whilst Kodi plays a 4k movie on the TV from the same device... Awesome!




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