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Odroid mc1 Ubuntu Focal destroys microSD cards

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I know it is unsupported and all, but I just want to point out that running Ubuntu Focal(2020/05/03) with kernel 5.6 on Odroid MC1 has been destroying microSD cards.

The board boots up fine, but after an

apt-get update

and a few minutes in, the Sandisk microSD card died and becomes read-only.

I'm not sure if it is vendor-dependent, but I have tried out two new Sandisk microSD cards and they all turned read-only.

This might be a kernel issue since on Debian Buster with kernel 5.4 or kernel 4.14 that never happened.

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Just now, Werner said:

Is there evidence that this is not just bad luck and the sd card died a natural death?

Well I did try multiple brand new microSD cards of different vendors, and microSD cards weren't supposed to die in a matter of minutes when I'm basically doing no intensive write operations on the board...

In comparison, I have another Sandisk microSD card of the same type and I am running a ~4GB Postgresql database with constant write operations on Odroid MC1. It still didn't corrupt at all after 3 months.

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