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Question about kernel, and debian verions on OPIone




I'm here again, the quarantine is almost over (sadly 'cause here in italy we are a bunch of a****le) and I finally get rid of my kodi 17 on retrorangepi 4.2 (old) that give me a lot of problems (with wifi connection lost, scraper that didn't update, and freeze, not for sure a problem with retrorangepi itself).


I have something in my mind now that I'm back to home with my new FTTH internet connection.

I want to setup an armbian image with or withot desktop for octoprint


Armbian with 5.4 kernel (xfce debian) is really slow and temperature (with heatsink) don't go under 60°C on idle, with retrorangepi based on Debian Jessie, temps go from 45°C to 50°C on idle. So maybe - MAYBE - the problem could be the kernel? If so, because I don't care about security in this particular case (I need OPI just to execute octoprint on local),
Could downgrade kernel (by using a legacy version) bring to an improvement on performance/temp? and give me the possibility to install package like octoprint or deluge? or some dependancy are linked to the kernel version?


I know that maybe it will be a stupid question, but I'm wasting a lot of time with this board, because I'm so stubborn (and broke). thank you

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Newer kernel versions in general seem to need slightly more power which Armbian cannot do much about usince we depend on upstream.




Could downgrade kernel (by using a legacy version) bring to an improvement on performance/temp?

I have never tested that. THOUGH I have to say that I also have an OrangePi One which serves PiHole in my LAN.


  ___  ____  _    ___
 / _ \|  _ \(_)  / _ \ _ __   ___
| | | | |_) | | | | | | '_ \ / _ \
| |_| |  __/| | | |_| | | | |  __/
 \___/|_|   |_|  \___/|_| |_|\___|

Welcome to Armbian buster with Linux 5.4.36-sunxi

No end-user support: built from trunk

System load:   0.00 0.00 0.00   Up time:       15 days 19:17
Memory usage:  21 % of 492MB    Zram usage:    4 % of 246Mb     IP:  
CPU temp:      30°C
Usage of /:    5% of 29G

[ General system configuration (beta): armbian-config ]


No fancy high temperature.


Let's start with something general and very basic and you should always provide: armbianmonitor -u




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