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Nanopi NEO Core + SLB9670's demo board

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I'm trying to use Armbian with a Nanopi NEO Core (Allwinner H3) mounted on its Mini Shield.

I was able to use the CAN controller MCP2518FD through SPI1 and CS1.

Now I need to use, always on the same SPI1, the demo board TPM SLB 9670 TPM2.0 that I have already verified on a Raspberry Pi.

I found the tpm_tis_spi Kernel module by compiling Armbian Bionic 5.4.37, but I was unable to locate the DTB overlay needed to set-up the following pins:


  • SPI1 CLK
  • SPI1 CS
  • IRQ (from SLB9670's demo board to Nanopi NEO Core)
  • RESET (from Nanopi NEO Core to SLB9670's demo board)

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance



P.S. I apologize, I have already created this topic in "General chit chat", but I think I didn't make the right choice...


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