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Bananapi M1 with Armbian 20.02.1 not booting


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Hello Community,

I'm trying to get Armbian running on my Banana PI M1 with the following image:



I flashed the image with Etcher on my SD Card which is a Sandisk Ultra 16GB SDHC Card.
After flashing I have inserted the Card into my Banana PI but I only get a red light, I already tried different images like the bionic image but without positive result and tried

different power supply cables. In my DHCP Server I see no request.

I have also flashed for testing reasons current image of Bananian which was directly working but I don't want to use that because
their project is not under active development anymore and they recommend to use Armbian.

Can you help me?

Best Regards

Board: Bananapi M1
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Hi, mate in your case it would be beneficial to get output from LCD screen or serial line. For the first option you need HDMI cable and a TV or computer screen, for the second one USB to TTL serial cable.

Secondly I have run Banana Pi (the original one) and BananaPi Pro for years with Armbian distro, both Ubuntu or Debian and it is rock stable.

You may need to change verbosity of boot process. Look for "How to toggle verbose boot?" in Armbian Documentation.

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I have a BPi M1 and it is indeed rock solid.


Are you certain it is an M1, not an M1+ or other vairiant? And you definitely downloaded the Armbian BPi M1 images?

It is an absolute that you need a serial adapter to see the system messages before it begins to output to hdmi. There may be a telltale message there that can help.

Something inexpensive like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014GZTCC6/ref=dp_cerb_1

You will need a terminal program, putty, winscp, etc.

see http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-M1#Hardware_interfact scroll down to the UART section in J11



UART0 gives serial data at I believe 19200 n81


Bananian definitely worked?

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