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  1. If you mean Armbian Rock-3A images unfortunately these does not boot up. I tried few, downloaded from this site or compiled ones. Only green led was on and nothing on hdmi or serial terminal (except few broken letters). Hopefully Radxa latest images are working fine but you must avoid upgrading kernel and firmware. I tested these 2: rock-3c_debian_bullseye_cli.img.xz and rock-3c_debian_bullseye_kde.img.xz I got email explaining why firmware breaks, etc...
  2. I messaged radxa developer yesterday and I got link to system images. https://github.com/radxa-build/rock-3c/releases
  3. Hi, I have got Rock-3C board recently. It is not Rockpi4 C. Main difference compared to Rock-3A is missing pci-e connector form back of the board, soldered wifi module and only 5V input power. There is no system available for this board. Any ideas how to get this board working?
  4. Banana Pi BPI-M1 budle Banana Pi BPI-M1 black ABS case white ABS case 8gb sdcard with Armbian OS sata cable 2.5" 320gb hard drive wifi usb dongle power adapter 5V 2A with microUSB cable and UK plug Banana Pi BPI-M2 Berry budle Banana pi BPI-M2 black case microUSB cable power adapter 5V 2A with EU and UK plug PINE A64 512MB BOARD bundle PINE A64 512MB white ABS case with custom made holes for 18650 battery microUSB cable power adapter 5V 2A with EU and UK plug thermistor 10kohm battery connector USB 3.0 LAN 1000/100/10 adapter Olimex micro enclosure to fit 2.5" hdd https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/BOXES/BOX-MICRO-B/ green variation + screws and rubber legs red variation + screws and rubber legs Location of items is UK. Sending worldwide. Prefer to sell everything to one person.
  5. Hi, mate in your case it would be beneficial to get output from LCD screen or serial line. For the first option you need HDMI cable and a TV or computer screen, for the second one USB to TTL serial cable. Secondly I have run Banana Pi (the original one) and BananaPi Pro for years with Armbian distro, both Ubuntu or Debian and it is rock stable. You may need to change verbosity of boot process. Look for "How to toggle verbose boot?" in Armbian Documentation.
  6. I found root of my card not resized to maximum space available. Unfortunately when I run out of space. Consider adding missing package btrfs-progs to minimal image or warn user when building of such system image is complete so user can resize root manually before the sd card is inserted.
  7. Ou, great I found old script to download u-boot for my micro board. It does download, install and the u-boot version will be prevented (holded) from upgrades. So @Artenverho you are welcome to test this first before experimenting. # linux-u-boot-micro-next=5.60 # apt remove linux-u-boot-micro-current -y; \ cd /tmp && wget --no-check-certificate \ && dpkg -i linux-u-boot-next-micro_5.60_armhf.deb && \ for PACKAGE in linux-u-boot-micro-next; \ do apt-mark hold $PACKAGE; aptitude hold $PACKAGE; done
  8. In my case on my Olimex micro when I run those commands it is output like this: aptitude search u-boot | grep micro p linux-u-boot-micro-current - Uboot loader 2019.10 ih linux-u-boot-micro-next - Uboot loader 2018.05 apt-cache policy linux-u-boot-micro-next linux-u-boot-micro-next: Installed: 5.60 Candidate: 5.60 Version table: *** 5.60 100 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status So there is the only one version available, but you can still experiment with "current" version of kernel and u-boot or you can try "current" u-boot on "next" kernel if you want experiment. For changing kernel version it is good to do it via armbian-config tool.
  9. Hi, you can display installed package via command: aptitude search u-boot | grep micro Then you can display version of selected package: (ending could be -current or -dev, select one from output of previous command starting with "i" - like "installed") apt-cache policy linux-u-boot-micro-next Then you can test different version of u-boot via command like this: apt-get install linux-u-boot-micro-next=5.90 You testing u-boot, so always shutdown your device completely between tests and remove power cable from it.
  10. What is voltage in any of USB ports during resizing? Other distro eg Ubuntu Bionic works well?
  11. There is no reason why it should not work. H3 works like a charm. Mostly it is bad usb cable or unsuitable power adapter. Or it could be unstable microsd card usb adapter. It is hard to say from this distance.
  12. I found working u-boot for Lime2 running on Bionic, microsdcard and kernel 4.19.81 It is: https://apt.armbian.com/pool/main/l/linux-u-boot-lime2-next/linux-u-boot-next-lime2_5.38_armhf.deb I tried to retest u-boot for emmc board and it did not work. I did it differently than last time when I had an microsd inserted and after reinstalling of u-boot was whole microsd copied to mmc. In this test microsd was removed and booted from emmc. After few tries, reinstalls and reboots I found message from installer saying it wrote u-boot to /dev/mmclk0. Problem is this device does not exist. Emmc module is under /dev/mmcblk1. So I need to extract binary file from *.deb package and write it manually or return back to previous method.
  13. Test of Lime2 Ubuntu Bionic with Armbian Linux 4.19.81-sunxi linux-u-boot-lime2-next=5.90 (latest) NOK linux-u-boot-lime2-next=5.85 NOK linux-u-boot-lime2-default=5.90 (latest) NOK linux-u-boot-lime2-default=5.85 NOK linux-u-boot-lime2-current=19.11.3 NOK linux-u-boot-lime2-emmc-next=5.31 NOK linux-u-boot-lime2-emmc-next=5.30 NOK linux-u-boot-lime2-emmc-next=5.25 NOK NOK - cannot finish reboot and reset of board is necessary Interesting results, I could not find for my setup where I am using root on nfs and custom image working u-boot. I will do more tests but with boot image on emmc and not on microsd like in this test. Note: the first test where linux-u-boot-lime2-emmc-next=5.30 I found working for my setup is boot image placed on emmc.
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