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  1. technik007_cz

    Odroid XU4: critical temperature reached(228 C)

    You can see temperature drop on previous 2 images where temperature dropped to -27°C. What is situation now showing next picture. Maximum clock available is limited to 1300Mhz for LITTLE cores and 1900Mhz for big ones. Why clock dropped to 600Mhz for these? There is script running on the background throttling frequency when temperature is higher than 80 °C. I am waiting until job on this machine is finished and then I will reboot it and try another tests/tasks.
  2. technik007_cz

    Odroid XU4: critical temperature reached(228 C)

    I have not experienced any problems with high temperatures causing shutdowns since Monday. Only one thing I needed to do was clone system again because one board did not allow me to log in. However I am experiencing false temperature readings since Wednesday. I got 87°C on zone 0 and 1 and it stopped updating until I rebooted board. ( This is second time I have seen this, but on Home Cloud One with same SoC). And I got temperature below zero, yes it is true, -27°C on zone 0 and I am having now 91°C even there is less than 60°C on other zones 1-4 what is very weird.
  3. technik007_cz

    Odroid XU4: critical temperature reached(228 C)

    It is still too early to confirm what issue was behind the problem. But you will not believe I think there were network problems I found which could keep overloading this devices. And NanoPi M3 stopped hanging up or lagging when I was on terminal after this. I need more than 24 hours to confirm this.
  4. technik007_cz

    Odroid XU4: critical temperature reached(228 C)

    I checked graphs "active cooler (ODROID-XU4) VS passive cooler (ODROID-XU4Q)" on You are right @TonyMac32, it is in couple of seconds before SoC temperature starts hitting a roof, not miliseconds. Because there is still little possibility the heatsing is not attached right (hardkernel's decided to put SoC not to the middle of heatsink), it is not clear is this software or hardware issue.
  5. technik007_cz

    Odroid XU4: critical temperature reached(228 C)

    And what about if this temperature spike above this limit is reached for couple of ms during heavy load? What could I test is better cooling block/heatsink with better absorption capability but I have no idea where can I get better one. I made USB to 3pin fan adapter with inserted step up converter boosting 5V to 12V. And has started testing again.
  6. technik007_cz

    Odroid XU4: critical temperature reached(228 C)

    Maybe it's incorrect but it shutdowns board anyway. Secondly why only one board having this issues even system is cloned and these are connected to same power rail ( rated 5V 10A ) .
  7. Hi, I received 2 same boards recently. One is working great, second has suffered from unexpected shutdowns. Rpimonitor has not recorded this high temperatures yet, maximum temperature recorded is not more than 90C. SoC has been utilized on 100% with ffmpeg video conversion and other tasks. I run these board on Jessie or Bionic system and have tested mainline stable and beta kernel. These board have got passive heatsink however I put 80x80 quiet slower fan on the top of heatsink, thermal compound is replaced for silver one without making problem solved.
  8. technik007_cz

    [WiP] axp209 mainline sysfs interface

    What is strange that script reports if dc in is NOT present: Battery discharge current = 0mA Battery charge current = XXXmA Secondly BOINC manager do not register system is running on battery.
  9. technik007_cz

    [WiP] axp209 mainline sysfs interface

    I checked the datasheet and not register 0x34 but 0x33 is responsible for charging current. However it has been already set to maximum value 1200mAh. To get status of register I run command i2cget -y -f 0 0x34 0x33. Because the value 1001 for bit 0-3 has been reported back, there was nothing to adjust to get higher charging current. binary 1001 => decimal 9, 9*100mAh + 300mAh=1200mAh I found useful script, see link below, reporting charging values and status of both registers 0x33 and 0x34 (default values: 0xCX and 0x45).
  10. technik007_cz

    [WiP] axp209 mainline sysfs interface

    I have got Lime connected on big battery pack. Therefore charging takes long time. Do you have an idea how to increase charging current on 4.X kernel ?
  11. technik007_cz

    Orange Pi One USB-OTG

    Very good effort mate, I followed your instructions and successfully changed OTG port to host mode on my A20 lime board. It was really necessary for me because this board has got only 2 USB ports. Just only for record I did it on kernel version 4.14.15-sunxi and it was really hard to find complete instructions.
  12. It would be nice to get working a second ESP8266 with a display connected to and redirect temperature and humidity data to this.
  13. technik007_cz

    Award for implementing Banana Pi M3 into armbian

    Do you want to support so overpriced product? Board you bought for about £60 should be selling for £20 with software support you can get now.
  14. technik007_cz

    NFS boot stopped (legacy kernel, Orange Pi Zero )

    Version ? 5.27 build from sources on about 3rd of April.