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Armbian merch!!!


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You asked for it, here it is:

The official Armbian SWAG store




(small selection, there is more!)



Earlier you could write Armbian to an SD card only, now you can even wear it. Awesome, right? Comes even with a free hug if I catch somebody wearing it (and the pandemic is over) :D.


The best part: a small cut of every sale goes straight to Armbian and will be invested into infrastrucuture, testing equipment and of course new boards (if a parsimonious vendor does not want to provide free samples to the lap ;)). You can grab your favorite merchandise and support the project at the same time!


Note: The US and EU product variety are slightly different since even though the look the same both companies are independent.


Special thanks goes to our awesome community which provided many of the used designs. We could not have done it without you!

If you do have any question please raise them below.


Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!


PS: If you are curious how the stuff looks in reality I recommend to check out @armbian on Twitter (and follow ;)): https://twitter.com/armbian


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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!

13 minutes ago, NicoD said:

Chance missed for better looking merch with the 3d Armbian. But I guess the boss didn't like that :)

Maybe I have overlooked those. Can you provide those in high resolution (>4k) and with transparent background?

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