Banana pi m1 not responding to ssh after several days

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Problem: as the title says, banana pi m1 is not responding to ssh after several days and need restart to be functional again.


System does have a sata 3.5" 500gb samsung hdd attached.

It is connected to the network by wired lan 100mb.

Software running is lighthttpd (previous apache) and php.



a raspberry pi camera send pictures to http server multiple times per day with html post method,

there is also a php/html gallery with the pictures for viewing


All website/www and pictures folders are stored on sata hdd.

There is also a cron job for erasing old pictures every 5 mins, quota now is set to 100GB. as ls takes already a bit long (~6s for 285757 files).


First i was using apache, and usually problem appeared in ~2 days, then switched to lighthttpd which seem to last much longer (~20 days), but still have the problem.

Apache also was launching more php instances (over 10), lighttpd seems do limit to 5.


armbianmonitor -u


I also have the log folder after the restart after not responding, if needed.

If any other info is needed please let me know.


Thank you.

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ii  linux-dtb-next-sunxi             5.92                               armhf        Linux DTB, version 4.19.62-sunxi
ii  linux-image-next-sunxi           5.92                               armhf        Linux kernel, version 4.19.62-sunxi

Your system is way outdated and therefore does not receive further support.

Upgrade to a more recent current kernel/dtb package or legacy at least if available.


Try a different power source and cable.

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Thank you,


I proceeded to install the newest kernel available in armbian-config (with 5.4.45).

The problem seems to happen more often now, already tested it twice, ~12 hours maximum uptime (with 5.4.45).


armbianmonitor -u


About the power supply, i cannot test another right now, but will do asap. Now 12v 2A power this setup (5v provided trough lm2596 switching circuit). There are no usb devices attached.


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Thanks for updating.

Weird behavior is often caused by bad power supply and/or cables.

It is also hard to get logs from a system that froze or broke since ramlog keeps the logs in memory and has no  chance to write them to the sd card. Therefore those logs are often clean

What you CAN do though is hooking up a serial console to the debug connector and let it run until it crashes and check the output.

Also increase the verbosity in armbianEnv.txt. Check the documentation for that.

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