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Using acronyms feature

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It is possible to add explanations to certain expression or acronyms.

The example above shows the (in this case case-sensitive) expression OOB (you see it is "underdot'ed") with the explanation "out of the box" while pointing with the cursor on it.


Do you think this is a useful feature and if so what acronyms could/should be added to be automatically highlighted?



  • dtc - device tree compiler
  • dtb - device tree blob
  • dts - device tree source
  • IRC - internet relay chat
  • sunxi - board family of Allwinner 32bit ARM SoCs
  • sunxi64 - board family of Allwinner 64bit ARM SoCs
  • XU4 - Odroid XU4
  • OPi - Orange Pi
  • N2 - Odroid N2
  • C2 - Odroid C2
  • C4 - Odroid C4
  • RK - Rockchip
  • AML - Amlogic
  • AW - Allwinner
  • M4 - NanoPi M4
  • M4V2 - NanoPi M4V2
  • P2P - peer to peer
  • eMMC - embeeded MultiMediaCard
  • OS - operating system
  • VPU - video processing unit
  • panfrost - driver for Mali Midgard and Bifrost GPUs
  • cedrus - driver for hardware accelerated video de-/encoding
  • PSU - power supply unit
  • RC - release candidate
  • WG - Wireguard
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On 9/14/2020 at 4:52 PM, Werner said:



VPU - video processing unit (encoding/decoding)


GPU - graphic processing unit (3D acceleration)

SoC - System on a Chip

SBC - Single Board Computer

WIP - Work in progress

NAND - Flash storage

GPIO - general purpose input/output


CSC - the weirdo.. no support abbreviation

EOS - End of Support -  Hey Werner, die beiden schreien nahe zu nach einer Zusammenführung.

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CSC - Community Supported Chip?

It is actually not the same as EOS.


I think I'll just add some of the suggestion and see what happens. It should not break anything (and if we can blame Invision :P)



Hm it does not add the acronyms to already existing posts. Not immediately at least. Maybe there is a cronjob or something that will take care of.

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On 9/15/2020 at 6:15 PM, Werner said:

It is actually not the same

Sorry, read it on the mobile - had an answer in my mind, but wanted to write on the PC and forgot it :(


Well, both are no longer supported. So, when you  change an SBC from Supported to Not-Supported - it doesn't matter for the user whether you call it  EOS or CSC - to this person it is the same.  No supported images.

As soon as someone steps in and want to support it again - its status would change to "supported".  As it is anyway on best effort - there is no difference at all. The EOS/CSC never made any sense.


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