Maybe stupid question: trying to build u-boot only


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I tried to build the espressobin u-boot only with the command given in the docs: 

./ 'compile_uboot'

But I get

  COPY    u-boot.bin
  CFGCHK  u-boot.cfg
rm: missing operand
Try 'rm --help' for more information.
[ o.k. ] Building flash-image-DDR3-512m_1cs_0-600_600.bin 
cp: cannot stat 'build/a3700/debug/flash-image.bin': No such file or directory
[ o.k. ] Building flash-image-DDR3-512m_2cs_0-600_600.bin 
cp: cannot stat 'build/a3700/debug/flash-image.bin': No such file or directory

Do I need more/different parameters or a different config-default.conf ?

Sorry for these maybe stupid questions, I am aware that I don't really see through the build system yet... 

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

I finally managed to get a stable U-Boot for my EspressoBin v7 with 1GB DDR4. I changed lib/ to replace with as well as some other lines – would there be a more elegant way to patch this, I would love to know?


I changed config/sources/families/mvebu64.conf too to use the repository by GlobalscaleTechnologies and I even tried out the current U-Boot 2020.10 instead of Marvell's old U-Boot – I have not encountered any errors. Should I make a pull request for these changes?


Edit: Or better make a pull request upstream...?


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