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What should be in my .GNUPG directory?

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QUESTION:  I downloaded the BUSTER image (19.11.6 / 5.4.8) .img. In my .GNUPG directory, there is only an empty 'private keys' directory. Is this supposed to be like this or should there be 2 'text' documents next to the 'private keys' directory?


One of my former buster downloads from a year ago or so, I know there were 2 simple text documents in the .gnupg directory. I am trying to learn how to send an encrypted message using gpg, but haven't been successful, yet. I was thinking that maybe there is a problem with my .gnupg directory and this is why I'm running into a snag with it.


Thank you. 

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In other words, when you download this image/iso, what is in your .GNUPG directory (if you wouldn't mind downloading it to see)? 




I have done it on my end. This is from the archived os'. I would check the checksum but I can't find them for these archives. 



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Thanks anyway, I found the checksum and since the checksum was good, I will install and see what is in the .gnupg directory. I am surprised by what is in this install that I am writing from, as the private keys directory is completely empty. I know that after I make a keypair that they will exist there, but I thought there should be 2 plain text documents there also before making the keypair, so I was trying to make sure. 



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