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Ok I started working on this task and I just cloned the docs repo. I'm not very used to git and github, how can I assign the task to myself? I clicked on github to claim the task, is it enough?


I will start writing an howto describing how to build new debian package from source. Currently i just backport a package from testing (shairport-sync), how to submit it to armbian repo? I don't see that in the documentation. I will also make a quick howto with shairport-sync and some simple related issues about audio config that is not yet explained.

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Sorry I was wrong about people being able to assign themselves an issue on github..  keeping status on the forum here is fine for claiming.     Connect with Igor and provide him with your github name and ask him to provide you access to doc repo.



I'll try to add some more clarity on the documentation process....  the process isself is a WIP.

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