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Endurance comparison (flash vs sd-card)?


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In the past I used a lower end Sandisk's and used external flash drive with nand-sata-install to move system due to endurance.

What is the status as of today? Are Sandisk Ultra A1's better than flash drives (i.e. not special "high endurance" ones).

I need to ask because the installation is not easy to reach (another part of the city) and current problems may be because of flash failure (didn't get my hand on the devices yet).


Any pointers will be much appreciated.


PS: I found this today, very interesting read...



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It all depends on the device itself. You have shitty flash drives and good quality sd cards and vice versa.  So if you need endurance, you should stick to high endurance versions or flash drives, that use good quality 3d tlc flash.

With ordinary cards, even with sandisk ultras, it's always a gamble, what kind of quality bin you will get. Their purpose is to meet the speed spec, not endurance. It would not surprise me, if such card would die with a couple of 100s rewrites.


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I was afraid to hear that...  It is hard to learn what tech they are using on specific drives.

I'll buy larger-than-necessary USB flash drives hoping the controller would distribute the wearing...

At that time I used USB-2 Flash'es, this time I'll get USB-3's, hoping to get better performance...


But to be able to put the device in a case, the "Fit" labeled devices (Sandisk or Samsung) are best, and this will narrow my chances...


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