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How to migrate system to smaller SD card? (OPi PC+).



Hi there,

I want to migrate system on OPi PC+ from 32GB uSD card to 16GB card.

System is small enough to fit on 16GB, but too large for 8GB eMMC (amazingly fast according dd).

How to do it?

My idea is:

- copy (raw, using dd) first 8192 sectors from 32GB to 16GB,

- then remove partition (32GB) and recreate it with 16GB size, format using same EXT filesystem,

- copy (on another computer, or "simple" Armbian installed on eMMC) partition contents using rsync.

Will it work?

Will there be no issue with different UUID of new partition?

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On a computer where the SD is not the root filesystem, shrink the ext4 filesystem, resize the partition to match the new size, (check if it runs to be sure), dump the SD card and hen write the image to the new SD card.

This should work without any modifications to the image itself.

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