Box86 on the RK3399 with Armbian Reforged



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Hi all.
@Salvador Liébana has made a preview Armbian image with many emulators preinstalled.
Also Box86 with which you can play x86 Windows games and x86 Linux games.
Also running some Windows programs is possible with this.

Download Armbian Forged :

Here my video about Windows games on the preview build.

Here some videos of @Salvador Liébana himself.




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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

5 hours ago, lanefu said:

Very nice!   Did you build from desktop branch or master?


It's mainline Focal 5.8 with panfrost. @Salvador Liébana did build the image. I'm just a messenger spreading the word.
His team is behind TwisterOS for the Raspberry Pi. They've got tons of portable apps to make life easy for noobs to experienced user. Will be an amzazig addition to armbian.
This is a preview of what's to come for more SBCs. Certainly when panfrost is ready for Odroid N2/N2+

They've got a whole club on Discord for every project of the group. A lot happens there. 
@Salvador Liébana Is it possible to write a build script for your image that makes use of ours.(write down all yours steps) Then it will take a big load of your back in the long time.
You then always are along with armbian changes. And maybe later we can merge this to te desktop project. Then you can build it all without having to set up something manually. I hate to see too much forks. People better work all together to improve that what we build. Cheers.

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no I will not loose time on that. this is for noobs, the pro knows how to make it. it's all open source. just compile everything hahaha


we are making severe changes and those will appear sooner or later. 


this is our discord server if someone want to join


the idea it's to port our TwisterOS work, so move to xfce and redefine the build as TwisterOS Armbian. 

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