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Can I speed up boot?


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I have read the other thread about this. If that one would not be closed I would have posted in there.

My boottime is around 45 seconds and I would like to have it (much) faster.

I run the V 20.11.06 Buster current 5.9.14 on two RockPi's 4 A with uBoot, NVME and no SD-card.


I bought the TTL-Cable  and it gives a lot, but the pause I am complaining about is entierly after all of that. The pause comes when minicom says "Rockpi4 Login:". The RockPi seems still to be "booting", black screen on and of, NVME Led blinking burst from time to time (no pattern), for ~15 seconds. Then I get the red Logo with the circling dots, they circle 7-8 times and only then the desktop.


I did the blame thing:

15.035s bootsplash-hide-when-booted.service

9.205s armbian-hardware-optimize.service

3.656s armbian-zram-config.service

2.717s logrotate.service

2.148s armbian-ramlog.service

1.054s dev-nvme0n1p1.device


I  disabeled the "hide-bootsplash" one, no progress, as I thought anyway


And the "critical chain":

graphical.target @16.990s

└─multi-user.target @16.989s

└─sysfsutils.service @16.897s +82ms

└─cpufrequtils.service @16.633s +259ms

└─loadcpufreq.service @16.431s +198ms

└─basic.target @16.311s

└─armbian-hardware-optimize.service @7.105s +9.205s

└─sysinit.target @7.094s

└─systemd-update-utmp.service @7.047s +34ms

└─systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service @6.973s +55ms

└─systemd-journal-flush.service @6.909s +58ms

└─systemd-journald.service @6.751s +133ms

└─armbian-ramlog.service @4.600s +2.148s

└─var-log.mount @4.684s

└─dev-zram1.device @1.717s


Now my questions:

Am I the only one with that? I found only that one other thread.

Is there something put to quiet so that minicom doesnt bring anything after that login?

What else could I do to find out more?


Thanks for your time!


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I have understood one thing: an issue can be related to the RockPi or to Armbian or to Debian


The Debian related things I found on Debian forum.

Posting here is NOT "accusing" Armbian of "having bugs", it is the hope of finding someone who had this before and knows what to do.


I disabled those two:




and I disabled this one:


I don´t know, what it´s doing but it does not seem to be missing.


Progress: The screen with the red logo and the circling dots is not shown anymore at all!


There is only one hickup left, it takes 9 seconds. I had to put verbosity to 7 to see that one. It is clearly holding up the boot, the rockpi is not doing anything in that timespan.

There are two lines like that, the first one is

hid-generic 0003:0A81:0205.0003: input, hidraw2: USB HID v1.10 Mo1

and takes 1/100th of a second, happy with that

the second one is

hid-generic 0003:0A81:0205.0004: input, hidraw3: USB HID v1.10 Mo1

and takes 9.1 seconds.


I think it´s about USB, keyboard and mouse. My mouse is on a USB2 in the keyboard and that is on a USB2 on the rockPi. The other USB2 is the power for the HDMI to VGA adapter. Nothing in the USB3 Ports.


Does anybody have a tip about that?

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On 1/20/2021 at 5:59 PM, Joaho said:

Does anybody have a tip about that?

Well, systemd offers some diagnose options:

systemd-analyze time

systemd-analyze plot > RockPi_boottime-$(date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S).svg

systemctl list-jobs to see active jobs


Please take a fresh install to do the test - not to miss any improvements.

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