Banana Pi M1 - Random reboots


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Hello. From moment when i flashed armbian to SD card and boot it up on Banana Pi M1, random reboots started to show. Ya'll should know that i'm hosting Plex and Tautulli on that. It's pretty much handling these servers without big problems but i'm constantly getting these random reboots. Well, i looked into /var/log/syslog to see what is happening. It looks like before every booting session there's cron job couple of hours before reboot. Maybe that's the reason? I can post whole syslog here from jan 5 till feb 2.

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2 hours ago, Werner said:

Nothing too crazy in armbianmonitor. Though the load on your system seems high. Might be the services though. I think the whole syslog is not necessary. tail the last 10k lines or so and put them to a paste service.

Uh, alright. Here's last 12k lines. (The only service i know handles this many lines is so sorry if it sounds suspicious)

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