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Greetings. Cannot seem to connect to web via patch cable only wireless.


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Greetings from USA, my name is Freddy Love and i'm new to Armbian and this forum. Currently i'm using a Lime2 no internal storage with Bullseye CLI on the SD. My pau06 works great, but want to use for small server and would obvi prefer to be hardwired in. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm still going thru everything I can read. My email is freddylovesart@protonmail.com and @freddylove@fosstodon.org // thx in advance.


Sincerely, -fl

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networking in Armbian is exactly as its counterpart (Debian / Ubuntu etc.) 


I didn't find any hardware issue for your card.


Have you tried armbian-config?

(sudo armbian-config)

Do so and choose wired / wireless networking.

It is similar to nmtui, you will see the connections available to you. 


Do you see the wired connection?

Can you 'Activate' it?

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